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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009The Development and Enhancement of Forensic Expertise: Higher Education and In-Service TrainingRoux, CP; Robertson, J; Fraser, J; Williams, R
Jan-2006Evaluation of 5-Methylthioninhydrin for the Detection of Fingermarks on Porous Surfaces and ComparisonWallace; Kunkel, CS; Lennard, CJ; Stoilovic, M; Roux, CP
Jan-2004Evaluation of iodine-benzoflavone and Ruthenium Tetroxide spray reagents for the detection of latent fingermarks at the crime sceneBojko, KL; Maynard, PJ; Du Pasquier, E; Lennard, CJ; Stoilovic, M; Roux, CP
Jan-2005Evaluation of techniques for the detection and enhancement of latent fingermarks on black electrical tapeSchiemer, CE; Lennard, CJ; Maynard, PJ; Roux, CP
Jan-2012From Forensics to Forensic ScienceRoux, CP; Crispino, F; Ribaux, O
1-Dec-2011How far have we come with trace DNA since 2004? the Australian and New Zealand experienceRaymond, J; Van Oorschot, RAH; Walsh, SJ; Gunn, PR; Roux, CP
1-Dec-2011The influence of front-loading and top-loading washing machines on the persistence, redistribution and secondary transfer of textile fibres during launderingSzewcow, R; Robertson, J; Roux, CP
Jan-2012Pretreatment strategies for the improved cyanoacrylate development of dry latent fingerprints on nonporous surfacesMontgomery, LN; Spindler, X; Maynard, PJ; Lennard, CJ; Roux, CP
Jan-2004Rapid screening of selected organic explosives by high performance liquid chromatography using reversed-phase monolithic columnsPaull, B; Roux, CP; Dawson, M; Doble, PA
1-Sep-2010The significance of fibre transfer and persistence-A case studyBennett, S; Roux, CP; Robertson, J
1-Aug-2017A study of transfer and prevalence of organic gunshot residuesHofstetter, C; Maitre, M; Beavis, A; Roux, CP; Weyermann, C; Gassner, AL
Jan-2007Use of dichloromethane in fingerprint reagent formulationsStoilovic, M; Lennard, CJ; Wallace; Kunkel, CS; Roux, CP
Jan-2012Visualization of latent fingermarks using an aptamer-based reagentWood, M; Maynard, PJ; Spindler, X; Lennard, CJ; Roux, CP