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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-0890% chance of rain: downpour as eventEtherington, N; Ryan, D; Ferng, J; L'Heureux, E
2019-07-03Accounting for multiple injuries does not improve the Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) as a tool to identify injury risk among English Premier League academy football players: a 3-season prospective cohort studyMcCunn, R; Blackburne, C; Newton, F; Carroll, N; Bakken, A; Ryan, D; McCall, A
2018-06-01Developing world-class soccer players: An example of the academy physical development program from an english premier league teamRyan, D; Lewin, C; Forsythe, S; McCall, A
2017-05-04Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) score does not predict injury in English Premier League youth academy football playersNewton, F; McCall, A; Ryan, D; Blackburne, C; aus der Fünten, K; Meyer, T; Lewin, C; McCunn, R
2010-07-22Limitation of lowland riverine bacterioplankton by dissolved organic carbon and inorganic nutrientsWesthorpe, DP; Mitrovic, SM; Ryan, D; Kobayashi, T
2010-12-27Semi-supervised intelligent surveillance system for secure environmentsFookes, C; Denman, S; Lakemond, R; Ryan, D; Sridharan, S; Piccardi, M
2014-01-01Short-term changes in zooplankton density and community structure in response to different sources of dissolved organic carbon in an unconstrained lowland river: Evidence for food web supportMitrovic, SM; Westhorpe, DP; Kobayashi, T; Baldwin, DS; Ryan, D; Hitchcock, JN
2019-09-01Vulnerability to fatal drowning among the population in Southern Bangladesh: Findings from a cross-sectional household surveyRahman, A; Jagnoor, J; Baset, KU; Ryan, D; Ahmed, T; Rogers, K; Hossain, MJ; Ivers, R; Fazlur Rahman, AKM