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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-26An agenda for research and action toward diverse and just futures for life on Earth.Wyborn, C; Montana, J; Kalas, N; Clement, S; Davila, F; Knowles, N; Louder, E; Balan, M; Chambers, J; Christel, L; Forsyth, T; Henderson, G; Izquierdo Tort, S; Lim, M; Martinez-Harms, MJ; Merçon, J; Nuesiri, E; Pereira, L; Pilbeam, V; Turnhout, E; Wood, S; Ryan, M
2022-08-01An extended last glacial maximum in the Southern Hemisphere: A contribution to the SHeMax projectPetherick, LM; Knight, J; Shulmeister, J; Bostock, H; Lorrey, A; Fitchett, J; Eaves, S; Vandergoes, MJ; Barrows, TT; Barrell, DJA; Eze, PN; Hesse, P; Jara, IA; Mills, S; Newnham, R; Pedro, J; Ryan, M; Saunders, KM; White, D; Rojas, M; Turney, C
2007-06-01An Australian prospective cohort study of risk factors for severe perineal trauma during childbirthDahlen, HG; Ryan, M; Homer, CSE; Cooke, M
2013-01-01Change in messa di voce characteristics during 3 years of classical singing training at the tertiary levelFerguson, S; Kenny, DT; Mitchell, HF; Ryan, M; Cabrera, D
2012-11-01Cost-effectiveness of prion filtration of red blood cells to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the Republic of IrelandTeljeur, C; Flattery, M; Harrington, P; O'Neill, M; Moran, PS; Murphy, L; Ryan, M
2008-01Designing Discrete Choice Experiments for Health CareStreet, D; Burgess, LB; Viney, RC; Louviere, JJ; Ryan, M; Gerard, K; Amaya-Amaya, M
2018Early Career Teachers in Rural Schools: Plotlines of ResilienceCrosswell, L; Willis, J; Morrison, C; Gibson, A; Ryan, M
2012-05-01T01:40:19ZThe Earth Hour StoryCronin, T; Ryan, M; Proudfoot, R
2013-04-30Effectiveness of systematic screening for the detection of atrial fibrillationMoran, PS; Flattery, MJ; Teljeur, C; Ryan, M; Smith, SM
-Figure it OutTitmarsh, M; Ryan, M
2006-01The illusion of the future: Notes on Benjamin & FreudBenjamin, AE; Milner, A; Ryan, M; Savage, R
2020-01-01Imagining transformative biodiversity futuresWyborn, C; Davila, F; Pereira, L; Lim, M; Alvarez, I; Henderson, G; Luers, A; Martinez Harms, MJ; Maze, K; Montana, J; Ryan, M; Sandbrook, C; Shaw, R; Woods, E
2017-10-03Looking for leadership: the potential of dialogic reflexivity with rural early-career teachersWillis, J; Crosswell, L; Morrison, C; Gibson, A; Ryan, M
2013-05-01Robot-assisted hysterectomy compared to open and laparoscopic approaches: Systematic review and meta-analysisO'Neill, M; Moran, PS; Teljeur, C; O'Sullivan, OE; O'Reilly, BA; Hewitt, M; Flattery, M; Ryan, M
2013-03-01Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy compared with open and laparoscopic approaches: A systematic review and meta-analysisMoran, PS; O'Neill, M; Teljeur, C; Flattery, M; Murphy, LA; Smyth, G; Ryan, M
2008-01Using Discrete Choice Modelling to Investigate Breast Screening ParticipationGerard, K; Shanahan, M; Louviere, JJ; Ryan, M; Gerard, K; Amaya-Amaya, M
2014-01-01USING PREDICTION INTERVALS FROM RANDOM-EFFECTS META-ANALYSES IN AN ECONOMIC MODELTeljeur, C; O'Neill, M; Moran, P; Murphy, L; Harrington, P; Ryan, M; Flattery, M