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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-08-24An amperometric method for the detection of amitrole, glyphosate and its aminomethyl-phosphonic acid metabolite in environmental waters using passive samplers.Sánchez-Bayo, F; Hyne, RV; Desseille, KL
2013-02-01Australian snowpack disappearing under the influence of global warming and solar activitySánchez-Bayo, F; Green, K
2013-06-01Calibration and field application of chemcatcher<sup>®</sup> passive samplers for detecting amitrole residues in agricultural drain watersSánchez-Bayo, F; Hyne, RV; Kibria, G; Doble, P
2006-02Comparative acute toxicity of organic pollutants and reference values for crustaceans. I. Branchiopoda, Copepoda and Ostracoda.Sánchez-Bayo, F
2012-06Cumulative ecological impacts of two successive annual treatments of imidacloprid and fipronil on aquatic communities of paddy mesocosms.Hayasaka, D; Korenaga, T; Suzuki, K; Saito, F; Sánchez-Bayo, F; Goka, K
2012-01Differences in ecological impacts of systemic insecticides with different physicochemical properties on biocenosis of experimental paddy fields.Hayasaka, D; Korenaga, T; Sánchez-Bayo, F; Goka, K
2012-03Differences in susceptibility of five cladoceran species to two systemic insecticides, imidacloprid and fipronil.Hayasaka, D; Korenaga, T; Suzuki, K; Sánchez-Bayo, F; Goka, K
2009-06-01Distribution of frogs in rice bays within an irrigated agricultural area: Links to pesticide usage and farm practicesHyne, RV; Spolyarich, N; Wilson, SP; Patra, RW; Byrne, M; Gordon, G; Sánchez-Bayo, F; Palmer, CG
2007-03Ecological effects of imidacloprid on arthropod communities in and around a vegetable crop.Sánchez-Bayo, F; Yamashita, H; Osaka, R; Yoneda, M; Goka, K
2012-04Evaluation of suitable endpoints for assessing the impacts of toxicants at the community level.Sánchez-Bayo, F; Goka, K
2009-12-01Fatty acid composition of the estuarine amphipod, Melita plumulosa (Zeidler): Link between diet and fecundityHyne, RV; Sánchez-Bayo, F; Bryan, AD; Johnston, EL; Mann, RM
2009-04From simple toxicological models to prediction of toxic effects in time.Sánchez-Bayo, F
2013-07-05The molecular basis of simple relationships between exposure concentration and toxic effects with time.Tennekes, HA; Sánchez-Bayo, F
2001-05Off-site movement of endosulfan from irrigated cotton in New South Wales.Kennedy, IR; Sánchez-Bayo, F; Kimber, SW; Hugo, L; Ahmad, N
2007-10Simplified models to analyse time- and dose-dependent responses of populations to toxicants.Sánchez-Bayo, F; Goka, K
2005-09-30Unexpected effects of zinc pyrithione and imidacloprid on Japanese medaka fish (Oryzias latipes).Sánchez-Bayo, F; Goka, K