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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06Application of nanotags and nanobodies for live cell single-molecule imaging of the Z-ring in Escherichia coli.Westlund, E; Bergenstråle, A; Pokhrel, A; Chan, H; Skoglund, U; Daley, DO; Söderström, B
2022-06-25Assembly dynamics of FtsZ and DamX during infection-related filamentation and division in uropathogenic E. coli.Söderström, B; Pittorino, MJ; Daley, DO; Duggin, IG
2015-01Autotransporter-based antigen display in bacterial ghosts.Hjelm, A; Söderström, B; Vikström, D; Jong, WSP; Luirink, J; de Gier, J-W; Kelly, RM
2019-05-01The bacterial DNA binding protein matp involved in linking the nucleoid terminal domain to the divisome at midcell interacts with lipid membranesMonterroso, B; Zorrilla, S; Sobrinos-Sanguino, M; Robles-Ramos, MÁ; Alfonso, C; Söderström, B; Meiresonne, NY; Verheul, J; Den Blaauwen, T; Rivas, G
2022-12Bacterial filamentation during urinary tract infections.Abell-King, C; Costas, A; Duggin, IG; Söderström, B
2018-05-31Cell shape independent FtsZ dynamics in synthetically remodeled cellsSöderström, B; Badrutdinov, A; Chan, H; Skoglund, U
2018-10-18Cell shape-independent FtsZ dynamics in synthetically remodeled bacterial cells.Söderström, B; Badrutdinov, A; Chan, H; Skoglund, U
2016-08Coordinated disassembly of the divisome complex in Escherichia coli.Söderström, B; Mirzadeh, K; Toddo, S; von Heijne, G; Skoglund, U; Daley, DO
2019-11-22Detecting Gold Biomineralization by Delftia acidovorans Biofilms on a Quartz Crystal MicrobalanceFunari, R; Ripa, R; Söderström, B; Skoglund, U; Shen, AQ
2014-04Disassembly of the divisome in Escherichia coli: evidence that FtsZ dissociates before compartmentalization.Söderström, B; Skoog, K; Blom, H; Weiss, DS; von Heijne, G; Daley, DO
2016-09-09FtsZ does not initiate membrane constriction at the onset of division.Daley, DO; Skoglund, U; Söderström, B
2018-08-24Nanoplasmonics for Real-Time and Label-Free Monitoring of Microbial Biofilm Formation.Funari, R; Bhalla, N; Chu, K-Y; Söderström, B; Shen, AQ
2021-07Nanoscale dynamics of peptidoglycan assembly during the cell cycle of Streptococcus pneumoniae.Trouve, J; Zapun, A; Arthaud, C; Durmort, C; Di Guilmi, AM; Söderström, B; Pelletier, A; Grangeasse, C; Bourgeois, D; Wong, Y-S; Morlot, C
2022-12-20Rapid separation of bacteria from primary nasal samples using inertial microfluidics.Shrestha, J; Razavi Bazaz, S; Ding, L; Vasilescu, S; Idrees, S; Söderström, B; Hansbro, PM; Ghadiri, M; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M
2022Signal amplification of araC pBAD using a standardized translation initiation region.Shilling, PJ; Khananisho, D; Cumming, AJ; Söderström, B; Daley, DO
2018-02Spatial separation of FtsZ and FtsN during cell division.Söderström, B; Chan, H; Shilling, PJ; Skoglund, U; Daley, DO
2020-04Spo0J and SMC are required for normal chromosome segregation in Staphylococcus aureus.Chan, H; Söderström, B; Skoglund, U
2019-01-01Streptococcus mutans yidC1 and yidC2 Impact Cell Envelope Biogenesis, the Biofilm Matrix, and Biofilm Biophysical Properties.Palmer, SR; Ren, Z; Hwang, G; Liu, Y; Combs, A; Söderström, B; Lara Vasquez, P; Khosravi, Y; Brady, LJ; Koo, H; Stoodley, P
2019-02-11Super-resolution images of peptidoglycan remodelling enzymes at the division site of Escherichia coliSöderström, B; Chan, H; Daley, DO
2017-05The bacterial divisome: more than a ring?Söderström, B; Daley, DO