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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-15Aspect Ratio of PEGylated Upconversion Nanocrystals Affects the Cellular Uptake In Vitro and In Vivo.Fu, L; Shi, B; Wen, S; Morsch, M; Wang, G; Zhou, Z; Mi, C; Sadraeian, M; Lin, G; Lu, Y; Jin, D; Chung, R
2016-03-01Characterization and in vitro probiotic assessment of potential indigenous Bacillus strains isolated from soil rhizosphereMohkam, M; Rasoul-Amini, S; Shokri, D; Berenjian, A; Rahimi, F; Sadraeian, M; Khalvati, B; Gholami, A; Ghasemi, Y
2022-11-01Photodynamic viral inactivation assisted by photosensitizersSadraeian, M; Zhang, L; Aavani, F; Biazar, E; Jin, D
2020-12-01Photoimmunotherapy Using Cationic and Anionic Photosensitizer-Antibody Conjugates against HIV Env-Expressing Cells.Sadraeian, M; Bahou, C; da Cruz, EF; Janini, LMR; Sobhie Diaz, R; Boyle, RW; Chudasama, V; Eduardo Gontijo Guimarães, F
2021-06-29Photoinduced Photosensitizer-Antibody Conjugates Kill HIV Env-Expressing Cells, Also Inactivating HIV.Sadraeian, M; da Cruz, EF; Boyle, RW; Bahou, C; Chudasama, V; Janini, LMR; Diaz, RS; Guimarães, FEG
2017-08-08Selective cytotoxicity of a novel immunotoxin based on pulchellin A chain for cells expressing HIV envelope.Sadraeian, M; Guimarães, FEG; Araújo, APU; Worthylake, DK; LeCour, LJ; Pincus, SH
2022-03-21Study of Viral Photoinactivation by UV-C Light and Photosensitizer Using a Pseudotyped Model.Sadraeian, M; Junior, FFP; Miranda, M; Galinskas, J; Fernandes, RS; da Cruz, EF; Fu, L; Zhang, L; Diaz, RS; Cabral-Miranda, G; Guimarães, FEG
2023-01-09Thiolate DNAzymes on Gold Nanoparticles for Isothermal Amplification and Detection of Mesothelioma-derived Exosomal PD-L1 mRNA.Zhand, S; Zhu, Y; Nazari, H; Sadraeian, M; Warkiani, ME; Jin, D
2022-08-25Vaccines against Emerging and Neglected Infectious Diseases: An Overview.Vuitika, L; Prates-Syed, WA; Silva, JDQ; Crema, KP; Côrtes, N; Lira, A; Lima, JBM; Camara, NOS; Schimke, LF; Cabral-Marques, O; Sadraeian, M; Chaves, LCS; Cabral-Miranda, G
2022Viral inactivation by light.Sadraeian, M; Zhang, L; Aavani, F; Biazar, E; Jin, D
2021-11-30VLP-Based COVID-19 Vaccines: An Adaptable Technology against the Threat of New Variants.Prates-Syed, WA; Chaves, LCS; Crema, KP; Vuitika, L; Lira, A; Côrtes, N; Kersten, V; Guimarães, FEG; Sadraeian, M; Barroso da Silva, FL; Cabral-Marques, O; Barbuto, JAM; Russo, M; Câmara, NOS; Cabral-Miranda, G