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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11-04Achieving synergy through combining action learning and action researchSankaran, S; Kearney, J; Todhunter, M
2001-01An action learning experience to change a work model in Yokogawa: Through a real projectSankaran, S; Sng, H; Sankaran, S; Dick, B; Passfield, R; Swepson, P
2017Action Learning with student volunteers at an ALARA conferenceSankaran, S; Bradley, C; Zuber-Skerritt, O
2014-01Action Research as Metamethodology: Managing the Complexity of an applied research projectDick, B; Sankaran, S; Shaw, K; Kelly, J; Soar, J; Davies, A; Banbury, A; Escribá-Esteve, A
2007-01Action research: Collecting insight and enduring organizational changeKumar, MR; Sankaran, S; Sankaran, G; Miller, P
2006-04-01The actions of Mahabharat (an Indian epic): An analysis from action science perspectiveKumar, MR; Sankaran, S
2013-01Actor-Network Theory, Activity Theory and Action Research and their application in project management researchEr, M; Pollack, JB; Sankaran, S; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2013-01Agile Project Management for IT Projects in SMEs: A Framework of Success FactorsO'Sheedy, D; Sankaran, S
2004-01Application of a dialectical model of soft systems methodology to conduct action researchSankaran, S; Tay, B; Cheah, Y
2014-01-01Application of Scenario-based Approaches in Leadership Research: An Action Research Intervention as Three Sets of Interlinked PracticesSankaran, S; Dick, B; Shaw, K; Cartwright, C; Davies, A; Kelly, J; Vindin, B
2009-01Applying action research to conduct practitioner research in knowledge managementSankaran, S; NA
2013-01-01Applying Actor-Network Theory as a sensemaking framework for complex organisational change programsPollack, J; Costello, K; Sankaran, S
2018-01-01Applying institutional theories to managing megaprojectsBiesenthal, C; Clegg, S; Mahalingam, A; Sankaran, S
2009-01Applying Multi-Methodological System Theory to Project ManagementHaslett, T; Sankaran, S; Jennifer Wilby
2007-01Are interpretive and critical research methods useful for research in project management?Sankaran, S; Tay, BH; Earl, DG; Tam, DV; Milner, DS; Remington, DK; Tupicoff, MA; Tucker, MR
2019-01-01Assignment of project team members to projects: Project managers’ influence strategies in practiceSankaran, S; Vaagaasar, AL; Bekker, MC
2017-01-01Balanced leadership: A new perspective for leadership in organizational project managementMüller, R; Packendorff, J; Sankaran, S
2018-07-03Balancing vertical and horizontal leadership in projects: Empirical studies from Australia, Canada, Norway and SwedenDrouin, N; Müller, R; Sankaran, S
2018Building information modeling (BIM) adoption and implementation: Interaction between BIM users and non-BIM usersLe, NQ; Er, M; Sankaran, S; Shiau, J; Vimonsatit, V; Yazdani, S; Singh, A
2017Cambridge Handbook of Organizational Project ManagementSankaran, S; Müller, R; Drouin, N