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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05Assessing dietary, exercise, and non-pharmacological modalities within psychiatric hospitals.Metri, N-J; Ee, C; Wardle, J; Ng, CH; Siskind, D; Brakoulias, V; Ho, FY-Y; Wong, VW-H; Naidoo, U; Eaton, M; Firth, J; Sarris, J
2010-04-21An explorative qualitative analysis of participants' experience of using kava versus placebo in an RCTSarris, J; Adams, J; Kavanagh, DJ
2016-01-01Herbal anxiolytics with sedative actionsSarris, J; McIntyre, E
2016-02-11Herbal medicine use behaviour in Australian adults who experience anxiety: a descriptive study.McIntyre, E; Saliba, AJ; Wiener, KK; Sarris, J
2009-06-01Kava Anxiety Depression Spectrum Study (KADSS): A mixed methods RCT using an aqueous extract of Piper methysticumSarris, J; Kavanagh, DJ; Adams, J; Bone, K; Byrne, G
2009-08-01The Kava Anxiety Depression Spectrum Study (KADSS): A randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial using an aqueous extract of Piper methysticumSarris, J; Kavanagh, DJ; Byrne, G; Bone, KM; Adams, J; Deed, G
2016-01-01The need for evidence-based herbal and nutritional anxiety treatments in psychiatryCamfield, DA; McIntyre, E; Sarris, J
2016-01-01Potential herbal anxiolyticsMcIntyre, E; Camfield, DA; Sarris, J
2014-01-01Student attitudes towards clinical teaching resources in complementary medicine: A focus group examination of Australian naturopathic medicine studentsWardle, JL; Sarris, J
2009-06-01Time for a reassessment of the use of Kava in anxiety?Sarris, J; Adams, J; Wardle, JL