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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Novel Unsupervised Feature Selection Approach Using Genetic Algorithm on Partitioned DataSaxena, A; Chugh, D; Mittal, H; Sajid, M; Chauhan, R; Yafi, E; Cao, J; Prasad, M
2020-01-01A robust real-time facial alignment system with facial landmarks detection and rectification for multimedia applicationsChou, KP; Prasad, M; Yang, J; Su, SY; Tao, X; Saxena, A; Lin, WC; Lin, CT
2021-12-01Adaptive decision support system for on-line multi-class learning and object detectionHong, GJ; Li, DL; Pare, S; Saxena, A; Prasad, M; Lin, CT
2020-11-01An early flame detection system based on image block threshold selection using knowledge of local and global feature analysisHsu, TW; Pare, S; Meena, MS; Jain, DK; Li, DL; Saxena, A; Prasad, M; Lin, CT
2020-01-01An intelligent automatic human detection and tracking system based on weighted resampling particle filteringChang, LC; Pare, S; Meena, MS; Jain, D; Li, DL; Saxena, A; Prasad, M; Lin, CT
2023-01-01Augmentation of Densest Subgraph Finding Unsupervised Feature Selection Using Shared Nearest Neighbor ClusteringChugh, D; Mittal, H; Saxena, A; Chauhan, R; Yafi, E; Prasad, M
2015-01-01Collaborative fuzzy rule learning for Mamdani type fuzzy inference system with mapping of cluster centersPrasad, M; Chou, KP; Saxena, A; Kawrtiya, OP; Li, DL; Lin, CT
2019-01-28Fusion based En-FEC Transfer Learning Approach for Automobile Parts Recognition SystemPrasad, M; Rajora, S; Gupta, D; Daraghmi, YA; Daraghmi, E; Yadav, P; Tiwari, P; Saxena, A
2020-05-14Fuzzy knowledge based performance analysis on big dataBharill, N; Tiwari, A; Malviya, A; Patel, OP; Gupta, A; Puthal, D; Saxena, A; Prasad, M
2018-02-02Fuzzy LogicHybrid model with semantic filtering approach for pseudo relevance feedback-based query expansionSingh, J; Prasad, M; Daraghmi, YA; Tiwari, P; Yadav, P; Bharill, N; Pratama, M; Saxena, A
2015-11-01An Improved Polynomial Neural Network Classifier Using Real-Coded Genetic AlgorithmLin, CT; Prasad, M; Saxena, A
2021-07-11Multilevel Color Image Segmentation using Modified Fuzzy Entropy and Cuckoo Search AlgorithmPare, S; Prasad, M; Puthal, D; Gupta, D; Malik, A; Saxena, A
2014-01-01A preprocessed induced partition matrix based collaborative fuzzy clustering for data analysisPrasad, M; Siana, L; Li, DL; Lin, CT; Liu, YT; Saxena, A
2021-11-01Remote sensing imagery segmentation: A hybrid approachPare, S; Mittal, H; Sajid, M; Bansal, JC; Saxena, A; Jan, T; Pedrycz, W; Prasad, M
2017-12-06A review of clustering techniques and developmentsSaxena, A; Prasad, M; Gupta, A; Bharill, N; Patel, OP; Tiwari, A; Er, MJ; Ding, W; Lin, CT
2013-10-07Vertical collaborative fuzzy C-means for multiple EEG data setsPrasad, M; Lin, CT; Yang, CT; Saxena, A
2013Vertical Collaborative Fuzzy C-Means for Multiple EEG Data SetsPrasad, M; Lin, C-T; Yang, C-T; Saxena, A