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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Sample-to-Sequence Protocol for Genus Targeted Transcriptomic Profiling: Application to Marine Synechococcus.Pitt, FD; Millard, A; Ostrowski, M; Dervish, S; Mazard, S; Paulsen, IT; Zubkov, MV; Scanlan, DJ
2016-06-14Delineating ecologically significant taxonomic units from global patterns of marine picocyanobacteria.Farrant, GK; Doré, H; Cornejo-Castillo, FM; Partensky, F; Ratin, M; Ostrowski, M; Pitt, FD; Wincker, P; Scanlan, DJ; Iudicone, D; Acinas, SG; Garczarek, L
2011-08-01Discovery of cyanophage genomes which contain mitochondrial DNA polymeraseChan, YW; Mohr, R; Millard, AD; Holmes, AB; Larkum, AW; Whitworth, AL; Mann, NH; Scanlan, DJ; Hess, WR; Clokie, MRJ
2007-12-05Diversity and evolution of phycobilisomes in marine Synechococcus spp.: A comparative genomics studySix, C; Thomas, JC; Garczarek, L; Ostrowski, M; Dufresne, A; Blot, N; Scanlan, DJ; Partensky, F
2015-11-01Genomic and proteomic characterization of two novel siphovirus infecting the sedentary facultative epibiont cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marinaChan, YW; Millard, AD; Wheatley, PJ; Holmes, AB; Mohr, R; Whitworth, AL; Mann, NH; Larkum, AWD; Hess, WR; Scanlan, DJ; Clokie, MRJ
2016-08In situ associations between marine photosynthetic picoeukaryotes and potential parasites - a role for fungi?Lepère, C; Ostrowski, M; Hartmann, M; Zubkov, MV; Scanlan, DJ
2008-05-28Unraveling the genomic mosaic of a ubiquitous genus of marine cyanobacteriaDufresne, A; Ostrowski, M; Scanlan, DJ; Garczarek, L; Mazard, S; Palenik, BP; Paulsen, IT; de Marsac, NT; Wincker, P; Dossat, C; Ferriera, S; Johnson, J; Post, AF; Hess, WR; Partensky, F