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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011The definition of species richness used by species sensitivity distributions approximates observed effects of salinity on stream macroinvertebratesKefford, B; Marchant, R; Schafer, RB; Metzeling, L; Dunlop, JE; Choy, SC; Goonan, P
Jan-2012Effects of pesticide toxicity, salinity and other environmental variables on selected ecosystem functions in streams and the relevance for ecosystem servicesSchafer, RB; Bundschuh, M; Rouch, DA; Szöcs, E; von der Ohe, PC; Pettigrove, V; Schulz, R; Nugegoda, D; Kefford, B
Jan-2011Effects of pesticides monitored with three sampling methods in 24 sites on macroinvertebrates and microorganismsSchafer, RB; Pettigrove, V; Rose, G; Allinson, G; Wightwick, A; von der Ohe, PC; Shimeta, J; Kuhne, R; Kefford, B
Jan-2012Is There An Interaction Of The Effects Of Salinity And Pesticides On The Community Structure Of Macroinvertebrates?Szocs, E; Kefford, B; Schafer, RB
Jan-2013Pesticides reduce regional biodiversity of stream invertebratesBeketov, MA; Kefford, B; Schafer, RB; Liess, M
Jan-2012Risk Assessment Of Episodic Exposures To Chemicals Should Consider Both The Physiological And The Ecological Sensitivities Of SpeciesKefford, B; Liess, M; Warne, MS; Metzeling, L; Schafer, RB
Jan-2012Risk assessment of salinity and turbidity in Victoria (Australia) to stream insects' community structure does not always protect functional traitsKefford, B; Schafer, RB; Metzeling, L
Jan-2013Salinisation Of Rivers: An Urgent Ecological IssueCanedo-arguelles, M; Kefford, B; Piscart, C; Prat, N; Schafer, RB; Schulz, C
Jan-2010Similarity-index based method to estimate chemical concentration limits protective for ecological communitiesKefford, B; Schafer, RB; Liess, M; Goonan, P; Metzeling, L; Nugegoda, D
Jan-2012Thresholds for the effects of pesticides on invertebrate communities and leaf breakdown in stream ecosystemsSchafer, RB; von der Ohe, PC; Rasmussen, J; Kefford, B; Beketov, MA; Schulz, R; Liess, M