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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-01Assessment of the Value of Tumor Variation Profiling Perceived by Patients With Cancer.Butow, P; Davies, G; Napier, CE; Schlub, T; Best, MC; Bartley, N; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Ballinger, ML; Biesecker, B; Goldstein, D; Thomas, DM; PiGeOn Project,
2023-05-22Effect of core versus enhanced implementation strategies on adherence to a clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients in routine care: a cluster randomised controlled trial.Butow, P; Faris, MM; Shaw, J; Kelly, P; He, S; Harris, M; Cuddy, J; Masya, L; Geerligs, L; Kelly, B; Girgis, A; Rankin, N; Beale, P; Hack, TF; Kirsten, L; Dhillon, H; Grimison, P; Viney, R; Clayton, JM; Schlub, T; ADAPT Program Group,; Shepherd, HL
2019-07-31Patient perspectives on molecular tumor profiling: "why wouldn't you?"Best, MC; Bartley, N; Jacobs, C; Juraskova, I; Goldstein, D; Newson, AJ; Savard, J; Meiser, B; Ballinger, M; Napier, C; Thomas, D; Biesecker, B; Butow, P; Tucker, K; Schlub, T; Vines, R; Vines, K; Kirk, J; Young, MA
2022-08Preferences for return of germline genome sequencing results for cancer patients and their genetic relatives in a research setting.Best, MC; Butow, P; Savard, J; Jacobs, C; Bartley, N; Davies, G; Napier, CE; Ballinger, ML; Thomas, DM; Biesecker, B; Tucker, KM; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Schlub, T; Newson, AJ
2022-07Psychological impact of comprehensive tumor genomic profiling results for advanced cancer patients.Butow, PN; Best, MC; Davies, G; Schlub, T; Napier, CE; Bartley, N; Ballinger, ML; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Goldstein, D; Biesecker, B; Thomas, DM; members of the PiGeOn Project,
2022-07Validation of the multidimensional impact of Cancer Risk Assessment Questionnaire to assess impact of waiting for genome sequencing results.Best, M; Napier, C; Schlub, T; Bartley, N; Biesecker, B; Ballinger, M; Butow, P
2022-02Value of whole-genome sequencing to Australian cancer patients and their first-degree relatives participating in a genomic sequencing study.Butow, P; Davies, G; Napier, CE; Bartley, N; Ballinger, ML; Biesecker, B; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Schlub, T; Thomas, DM; Goldstein, D; Best, MC; Members of the PiGeOn Project,