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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-03-01Antimony by ICP-MS as a marker for sentinel lymph nodes in melanoma patientsDawson, M; Doble, P; Beavis, A; Li, LXL; Soper, R; Scolyer, RA; Uren, RF; Thompson, JF
2004-10-01Antimony concentrations in nodal tissue can confirm sentinel node identityScolyer, RA; Thompson, JF; Li, LXL; Beavis, A; Dawson, M; Doble, P; Soper, R; Uren, RF; Stretch, JR; Sharma, R; McCarthy, SW
2008-03-01Confirmation of sentinel lymph node identity by analysis of fine-needle biopsy samples using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometryBeavis, A; Dawson, M; Doble, P; Scolyer, RA; Bourne, R; Li, LXL; Murali, R; Stretch, JR; Lean, CL; Uren, RF; Thompson, JF
2022-04Corrigendum to "The emerging role of the lung microbiome and its importance in non-small cell lung cancer diagnosis and treatment" [Lung Cancer 165C (2022) 124-132].McLean, AEB; Kao, SC; Barnes, DJ; Wong, KKH; Scolyer, RA; Cooper, WA; Kohonen-Corish, MRJ
2022-07-04Cross-Platform Omics Prediction procedure: a statistical machine learning framework for wider implementation of precision medicine.Wang, KYX; Pupo, GM; Tembe, V; Patrick, E; Strbenac, D; Schramm, S-J; Thompson, JF; Scolyer, RA; Muller, S; Tarr, G; Mann, GJ; Yang, JYH
2019-02-15Distinct Molecular Profiles and Immunotherapy Treatment Outcomes of V600E and V600K BRAF-Mutant Melanoma.Pires da Silva, I; Wang, KYX; Wilmott, JS; Holst, J; Carlino, MS; Park, JJ; Quek, C; Wongchenko, M; Yan, Y; Mann, G; Johnson, DB; McQuade, JL; Rai, R; Kefford, RF; Rizos, H; Scolyer, RA; Yang, JYH; Long, GV; Menzies, AM
2009-01-01Elemental bio-imaging of melanoma in lymph node biopsiesHare, D; Burger, F; Austin, C; Fryer, F; Grimm, R; Reedy, B; Scolyer, RA; Thompson, JF; Doble, P
2008-06-01False negative sentinel lymph node biopsies in melanoma may result from deficiencies in nuclear medicine, surgery, or pathologyKarim, RZ; Scolyer, RA; Li, W; Yee, VSK; McKinnon, JG; Li, LXL; Uren, RF; Lam, S; Beavis, A; Dawson, M; Doble, P; Hoon, DSB; Thompson, JF
2007-04-01New evidence for geographic variation in the role of human papillomavirus in tonsillar carcinogenesisLi, W; Tran, N; Lee, SC; O'Brien, CJ; Tse, GM; Scolyer, RA; Hong, A; Milross, C; Yu, KH; Rose, BR
2017-11Programmed Death-Ligand 1 Expression in a Large Cohort of Pediatric Patients With Solid Tumor and Association With Clinicopathologic Features in Neuroblastoma.Saletta, F; Vilain, RE; Gupta, AK; Nagabushan, S; Yuksel, A; Catchpoole, D; Scolyer, RA; Byrne, JA; McCowage, G
2019-06-15RAB27A promotes melanoma cell invasion and metastasis via regulation of pro-invasive exosomesGuo, D; Lui, GYL; Lai, SL; Wilmott, JS; Tikoo, S; Jackett, LA; Quek, C; Brown, DL; Sharp, DM; Kwan, RYQ; Chacon, D; Wong, JH; Beck, D; van Geldermalsen, M; Holst, J; Thompson, JF; Mann, GJ; Scolyer, RA; Stow, JL; Weninger, W; Haass, NK; Beaumont, KA
2022-01-20The emerging role of the lung microbiome and its importance in non-small cell lung cancer diagnosis and treatment.McLean, AEB; Kao, SC; Barnes, DJ; Wong, KKH; Scolyer, RA; Cooper, WA; Kohonen-Corish, MRJ
2017-09-01Tumor Suppressor microRNAs Contribute to the Regulation of PD-L1 Expression in Malignant Pleural MesotheliomaKao, SC; Cheng, YY; Williams, M; Kirschner, MB; Madore, J; Lum, T; Sarun, KH; Linton, A; McCaughan, B; Klebe, S; van Zandwijk, N; Scolyer, RA; Boyer, MJ; Cooper, WA; Reid, G
2019-12Whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT) after local treatment of brain metastases in melanoma patients: Statistical Analysis PlanLo, SN; Hong, AM; Haydu, LE; Ahmed, T; Paton, EJ; Steel, V; Hruby, G; Tran, A; Morton, RL; Nowak, AK; Vardy, JL; Drummond, KJ; Dhillon, HM; Mandel, C; Scolyer, RA; Middleton, MR; Burmeister, BH; Thompson, JF; Fogarty, GB