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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01An augmented reality job performance aid for kinaesthetic learning in manufacturing work placesWild, F; Scott, P; Karjalainen, J; Helin, K; Lind-Kohvakka, S; Naeve, A
2012-01-01Comparing automatically detected reflective texts with human judgementsUllmann, TD; Wild, F; Scott, P
2015-07-01Effective web videoconferencing for proctoring online oral exams: a case study at scale in BrazilOkada, A; Scott, P; Mendonca, M
2011-12-01A European research agenda for lifelong learningSloep, P; Boon, J; Cornu, B; Klebl, M; Lefrère, P; Naeve, A; Scott, P; Tinoca, L
2011-12-01Exposing knowledge in speech: Monitoring conceptual development in spoken conversationLagatie, R; Wild, F; De Causmaecker, P; Scott, P
2011-12-01Formal metadata and shared experiences for discovering tools to adapt open educational resourcesLittle, S; Mikroyannidis, A; Okada, A; Scott, P
2016-10-01‘Free speech’ and ‘political correctness’Scott, P
2005-12-01Grey nurse shark human interactions and portrayals: A study of newspaper portrayals of the grey nurse shark from 1969-2003Boissonneault, MF; Gladstone, W; Scott, P; Cushing, N
2016-01-01Inquiry-based learning on the cloudMikroyannidis, A; Okada, A; Correa, A; Scott, P
2013-09-09Interdisciplinary cohesion of TEL - An account of multiple perspectivesMeyer, P; Kelle, S; Ullmann, TD; Scott, P; Wild, F
2009-12-01Knowledge media tools to foster social learningOkada, A; Shum, SB; Bachler, M; Tomadaki, E; Scott, P; Little, A; Eisenstadt, M
2013-01-01Reflection - Quantifying a rare goodUllmann, TD; Wild, F; Scott, P
2004-07-15Researching widening access: An overviewScott, P
2012-01Towards a Social Learning Space for Open Educational ResourcesFerguson, R; Buckingham Shum, S; Okada, A; Connolly, T; Scott, P
2014-01-01Towards data exchange formats for learning experiences in manufacturing workplacesWild, F; Scott, P; Lefrere, P; Karjalainen, J; Helin, K; Naeve, A; Isaksson, E
2012-12-01weSPOT: A cloud-based approach for personal and social inquiryMikroyannidis, A; Okada, A; Scott, P; Rusman, E; Specht, M; Stefanov, K; Protopsaltis, A; Held, P; Hetzner, S
2013-12-19WeSPOT: A personal and social approach to inquiry-based learningMikroyannidis, A; Okada, A; Scott, P; Rusman, E; Specht, M; Stefanov, K; Boytchev, P; Protopsaltis, A; Held, P; Hetzner, S; Kikis-Papadakis, K; Chaimala, F