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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The determinants and economic consequences of Open BriefingsScott, T
1-Sep-2016The determinants and market reaction to Open Briefings: an investor relations option and evidence on the effectiveness of disclosureFerguson, A; Scott, T
13-May-2019Evidence on compensation consultant fees and CEO payGrosse, M; Ma, N; Scott, T
26-Jun-2017Evidence on compensation consultant fees and CEO pay in a mandatory disclosure settingGrosse, M; Ma, N; Scott, T
1-Jan-2016Evidence on why firms use different disclosure outlets Purchased analyst research, investor presentations and Open BriefingsFeigin, A; Ferguson, A; Grosse, M; Scott, T
6-Apr-2018Interim reviews and the association between partner rotations and audit feesGrosse, M; Ma, N; Scott, T
1-Dec-2011Market reactions to Australian boutique resource investor presentationsFerguson, A; Scott, T
1-Jul-2005A multi-institutional, multinational study of programming concepts using card sort dataSanders, K; Fincher, S; Bouvier, D; Lewandowski, G; Morrison, B; Murphy, L; Petre, M; Richards, B; Tenenberg, J; Thomas, L; Anderson, R; Anderson, R; Fitzgerald, S; Gutschow, A; Haller, S; Lister, R; McCauley, R; McTaggart, J; Prasad, C; Scott, T; Shinners-Kennedy, D; Westbrook, S; Zander, C
1-Sep-2017Shareholder say on pay and CEO compensation: three strikes and the board is outGrosse, M; Kean, S; Scott, T
1-Dec-2011Your Governance or Mine?Ferguson, A; Grosse, M; Kean, S; Scott, T