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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-03Escherichia coli displays a conserved membrane proteomic response to a range of alcohols.Sen, O; Hinks, J; Lin, Q; Lin, Q; Kjelleberg, S; Rice, SA; Seviour, T
2016-01-01Mechanical properties of the superficial biofilm layer determine the architecture of biofilmsKundukad, B; Seviour, T; Liang, Y; Rice, SA; Kjelleberg, S; Doyle, PS
2017-12-01Mechanistic action of weak acid drugs on biofilmsKundukad, B; Schussman, M; Yang, K; Seviour, T; Yang, L; Rice, SA; Kjelleberg, S; Doyle, PS
2023-01Microbial biofilms are shaped by the constant dialogue between biological and physical forces in the extracellular matrix.Wong, LL; Mugunthan, S; Kundukad, B; Ho, JCS; Rice, SA; Hinks, J; Seviour, T; Parikh, AN; Kjelleberg, S
2016-01-01Quantification and kinetic characterization of soluble microbial products from municipal wastewater treatment plants.Xie, W-M; Ni, B-J; Sheng, G-P; Seviour, T; Yu, H-Q
2023-11-27RNA is a key component of extracellular DNA networks in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms.Mugunthan, S; Wong, LL; Winnerdy, FR; Summers, S; Bin Ismail, MH; Foo, YH; Jaggi, TK; Meldrum, OW; Tiew, PY; Chotirmall, SH; Rice, SA; Phan, AT; Kjelleberg, S; Seviour, T
2021-03-19The biofilm matrix scaffold of Pseudomonas aeruginosa contains G-quadruplex extracellular DNA structures.Seviour, T; Winnerdy, FR; Wong, LL; Shi, X; Mugunthan, S; Foo, YH; Castaing, R; Adav, SS; Subramoni, S; Kohli, GS; Shewan, HM; Stokes, JR; Rice, SA; Phan, AT; Kjelleberg, S
2023-01-01Viewing biofilm formation through a multifocal lens of physics and biologyKundukad, B; Ho, JCS; Mugunthan, S; Wong, LL; Rice, SA; Parikh, AN; Seviour, T; Hinks, J; Kjelleberg, S