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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A Difference Equation Model of Infectious DiseaseShannon, A; Dubeau, F; Uysal, M; Özkan, E
2022-01-01A Generalized Net Model of the Pattern of Behavior in Patients with eGFR < 20 mL/min (CKD Stage IV-V)Lubich, M; Shannon, A; Slavov, C; Pencheva, T; Ribagin, S; Atanassov, K
2022-01-01A Generalized Net Model with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Assessments of the Process of Cardiopulmonary ResuscitationBozov, H; Bozova, G; Sotirova, E; Shannon, A
2019-04-03Charge variants characterization and release assay development for co-formulated antibodies as a combination therapyCao, M; De Mel, N; Shannon, A; Prophet, M; Wang, C; Xu, W; Niu, B; Kim, J; Albarghouthi, M; Liu, D; Meinke, E; Lin, S; Wang, X; Wang, J
2012-11-28Description of simple genetic algorithm modifications using Generalized NetsRoeva, O; Shannon, A; Pencheva, T
2020-08-01Generalized Net Model for Creating and Evaluating of Educational ContentShannon, A; Atanassov, K; Sotirova, E; Vasilev, V
2018-10-01A generalized net model of information flow within a schoolShannon, A; Miteva, B; Sotirova, E; Atanassov, K; Kim, T
2012-11-28Generalized net model of the process of selection and usage of an intelligent e-learning systemShannon, A; Riecan, B; Orozova, D; Sotirova, E; Atanassov, K; Krawczak, M; Melo-Pinto, P; Parvathi, R; Kim, T
2016-01-01Generalized net models of basic genetic algorithm operatorsPencheva, T; Roeva, O; Shannon, A
2013-08-01Holographic Interferometry based on photorefractive crystal to measure 3D thermo-elastic distortion of composite structures and comparison with finite element modelsThizy, C; Eliot, F; Ballhause, D; Olympio, KR; Kluge, R; Shannon, A; Laduree, G; Logut, D; Georges, MP
2018-01-01Interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy evaluations for analysis of a student's knowledge in university e-learning coursesKim, T; Sotirova, E; Shannon, A; Atanassova, V; Atanassov, K; Jang, LC
2020-01-01Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Evaluations for Analysis of Students’ KnowledgeSotirova, E; Shannon, A; Atanassova, V; Atanassov, K; Bureva, V
2016-11-07Intuitionistic fuzzy evaluations for analysis of a student's knowledge of mathematics in university e-learning coursesSotirova, E; Atanassov, K; Shannon, A; Kim, T; Krawczak, M; Melo-Pinto, P; Riecan, B