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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03A randomized controlled trial of internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy to prevent the development of depressive disorders in older adults with multimorbidity.Read, J; Sharpe, L; Burton, AL; Arean, PA; Raue, PJ; McDonald, S; Titov, N; Gandy, M; Dear, BF
2016-11-01Adjunctive cognitive behavioural treatment for chronic pain couples improves marital satisfaction but not pain management outcomesRamke, S; Sharpe, L; Newton-John, T
2022-04Are psychological interventions efficacious for adults with migraine? A systematic review and meta-analysis.Dudeney, J; Sharpe, L; McDonald, S; Menzies, RE; McGuire, B
2016-05-13Comparison of a mindfulness based exposure task with a distraction task in the reduction of induced pain with an additional moderator of attentional bias.Shires, AG; Sharpe, L; Newton John, T
2020-01Development and usability evaluation of an online self-management intervention for fear of cancer recurrence (iConquerFear).Smith, AB; Bamgboje-Ayodele, A; Butow, P; Klein, B; Turner, J; Sharpe, L; Fardell, J; Beatty, L; Pearce, A; Thewes, B; Beith, J; iConquerFear Community Advisory Group,; Girgis, A
2018-05-13Exploring psychological mechanisms of clinical response to an internet-delivered psychological pain management program.Gandy, M; Karin, E; Jones, MP; McDonald, S; Sharpe, L; Titov, N; Dear, BF
2023-03-24Overcoming death anxiety: A phase I trial of an online CBT program in a clinical sample.Menzies, RE; Julien, A; Sharpe, L; Menzies, RG; Helgadóttir, FD; Dar-Nimrod, I
2018-12-01The Pain Course: 12- and 24-Month Outcomes From a Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet-Delivered Pain Management Program Provided With Different Levels of Clinician SupportDear, BF; Gandy, M; Karin, E; Fogliati, R; Fogliati, VJ; Staples, LG; Wootton, BM; Sharpe, L; Titov, N
2015-10-01The pain course: A randomised controlled trial examining an internet-delivered pain management program when provided with different levels of clinician supportDear, BF; Gandy, M; Kdarin, E; Staples, LG; Johnston, L; Fogliati, VJ; Wootton, BM; Terides, MD; Kayrouz, R; Perry, KN; Sharpe, L; Nicholas, MK; Titov, N
2017-05-04Pain severity predicts depressive symptoms over and above individual illnesses and multimorbidity in older adults.Sharpe, L; McDonald, S; Correia, H; Raue, PJ; Meade, T; Nicholas, M; Arean, P
2021-11Preventing depression in older people with multimorbidity: 24-month follow-up of a trial of internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy.Read, JR; Sharpe, L; Burton, AL; Areán, PA; Raue, PJ; McDonald, S; Titov, N; Gandy, M; Dear, BF
2019-04-01The relative efficacy of mindfulness versus distraction: The moderating role of attentional biasShires, A; Sharpe, L; Newton John, TRO
2022The Chronic Conditions Course: A Randomised Controlled Trial of an Internet-Delivered Transdiagnostic Psychological Intervention for People with Chronic Health Conditions.Dear, BF; Scott, AJ; Fogliati, R; Gandy, M; Karin, E; Dudeney, J; Nielssen, O; McDonald, S; Heriseanu, AI; Bisby, MA; Sharpe, L; Jones, MP; Ali, S; Titov, N
2020-05-31The efficacy of mindfulness based interventions in acute pain: a systematic review and meta-analysisShires, A; Sharpe, L; Davies, J; NewtonJohn, T
2017-07The pain course: a randomised controlled trial comparing a remote-delivered chronic pain management program when provided in online and workbook formats.Dear, BF; Gandy, M; Karin, E; Ricciardi, T; Fogliati, VJ; McDonald, S; Staples, LG; Perry, KN; Sharpe, L; Nicholas, MK; Titov, N
2021-01-11The Role of Body Image on Psychosocial Outcomes in People With Diabetes and People With an AmputationMcDonald, S; Sharpe, L; MacCann, C; Blaszczynski, A
2021-12To be mortal is human: professional consensus around the need for more psychology in palliative care.Sansom-Daly, UM; Lobb, EA; Evans, HE; Breen, LJ; Ugalde, A; Best, M; Zomerdijk, N; Beasley, EA; Taylor, KL; Clayton, J; Sharpe, L; Bartula, I; Olver, I; PoCoG End of Life Care Special Interest Group,