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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-15A green and facile fabrication of rGO/FEVE nanocomposite coating for anti-corrosion applicationShen, L; Chen, H; Qi, C; Fu, Q; Xiong, Z; Sun, Y; Liu, Y
2015-01-01Adaptive sliding mode control method for DC-DC convertersShen, L; Lu, DDC; Li, C
2021-10-11An experimental study of aggregate shape effect on dynamic compressive behaviours of cementitious mortarJiang, S; Shen, L; Li, W
2010-01Assessing sustainability performance of built projects: a building process approachDing, GK; Shen, L
2017-09-06Carbon-Coated Li<inf>3</inf>VO<inf>4</inf> Spheres as Constituents of an Advanced Anode Material for High-Rate Long-Life Lithium-Ion BatteriesShen, L; Chen, S; Maier, J; Yu, Y
2017-12-27Challenges and Perspectives for NASICON-Type Electrode Materials for Advanced Sodium-Ion BatteriesChen, S; Wu, C; Shen, L; Zhu, C; Huang, Y; Xi, K; Maier, J; Yu, Y
2021-08-01Development of sustainable concrete incorporating seawater: A critical review on cement hydration, microstructure and mechanical strengthLi, P; Li, W; Sun, Z; Shen, L; Sheng, D
2017-06-06Dual-Functionalized Double Carbon Shells Coated Silicon Nanoparticles for High Performance Lithium-Ion BatteriesChen, S; Shen, L; van Aken, PA; Maier, J; Yu, Y
2020-08-01Facile preparation of robust superhydrophobic surface based on multi-scales nanoparticleQi, C; Chen, H; Sun, Y; Shen, L; Li, X; Fu, Q; Liu, Y
2016-01-01Geometric maximum power point tracking and sliding mode control of a bidirectional grid connected single phase two-stage photovoltaic system with DC loadsShen, L; Lu, DDC; Wang, Y
2018-01Historically-informed nursing: A transnational case study in China.Lu, J; Grypma, S; Cao, Y; Bu, L; Shen, L; Davidson, PM
2021-01-01Integrated self-sensing and self-healing cementitious composite with microencapsulation of nano-carbon black and slaked limeDong, W; Li, W; Shen, L; Zhang, S; Vessalas, K
2021-02-15Magnetoresistive micro-displacement sensor based on magnetorheological fluidLi, X; zhang, J; Shen, L; Qing, L; Fu, Q; sun, Y; liu, Y
2017-07-19Peapod-like Li<inf>3</inf>VO<inf>4</inf>/N-Doped Carbon Nanowires with Pseudocapacitive Properties as Advanced Materials for High-Energy Lithium-Ion CapacitorsShen, L; Lv, H; Chen, S; Kopold, P; van Aken, PA; Wu, X; Maier, J; Yu, Y
2019-11-15Piezoresistive behaviours of carbon black cement-based sensors with layer-distributed conductive rubber fibresDong, W; Li, W; Shen, L; Sheng, D
2020-06-01Piezoresistivity of smart carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced cementitious composite under integrated cyclic compression and impactDong, W; Li, W; Shen, L; Sun, Z; Sheng, D
2016-06-01Saliency Detection Via Similar Image RetrievalYe, L; Liu, Z; Zhou, X; Shen, L; Zhang, J
2015-02-17Scalable person re-identification: A benchmarkZheng, L; Shen, L; Tian, L; Wang, S; Wang, J; Tian, Q
2017-09-07Sliding mode control of a bidirectional grid connected three phase two-stage PV system with space vector PWMShen, L; Lu, DDC; Fu, J
2020-02-28Superhydrophobic Surface Based on Assembly of Nanoparticles for Application in Anti-Icing under Ultralow TemperatureQi, C; Chen, H; Shen, L; Li, X; Fu, Q; Zhang, Y; Sun, Y; Liu, Y