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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03-16Associations between Community Parks and Social Interactions in Master-Planned Estates in Sydney, AustraliaYang, C; Shi, S; Runeson, G
2021-01-01Barriers to urban spatial development: Evidence from the 2010–2011 Christchurch earthquakesFu, Y; Shi, S
2014-01-01Can interest rates really control house prices? Effectiveness and implications for macroprudential policyShi, S; Jou, JB; Tripe, D
2018-03-01Catch Animal Spirits in Auction: Evidence from New Zealand Property MarketShi, S; Kabir, MH
2018-08-01China and international housing price growthChang, YY; Anderson, H; Shi, S
2022-12-01Chinese sentence semantic matching based on multi-level relevance extraction and aggregation for intelligent human–robot interactionLu, W; Zhao, P; Li, Y; Wang, S; Huang, H; Shi, S; Wu, H
2013-11-01Commodity house pricesLeung, CKY; Shi, S; Ho Tang, EC
2011Dairy Farmland Prices and Return Expectations in New ZealandShi, S; McCarthy, I
2022-07-01Effects of planning regulations on housing and land markets: A system dynamics modeling approachJalali, D; MacDonald, H; Fini, AAF; Shi, S
2017-08-01Evaporation and ignition characteristics of water emulsified diesel under conventional and low temperature combustion conditionsWang, Z; Wu, S; Huang, Y; Chen, Y; Shi, S; Cheng, X; Huang, R
2018-11-01Experimental investigation on spray, evaporation and combustion characteristics of ethanol-diesel, water-emulsified diesel and neat diesel fuelsWang, Z; Wu, S; Huang, Y; Huang, S; Shi, S; Cheng, X; Huang, R
2021-11-05Has Chinese capital pushed up Australian Housing Prices?Shi, S
2021-09-26House Price Forecasting from Investment PerspectivesShi, S; Mangioni, V; Ge, XJ; Herath, S; Rabhi, F; Ouysse, R
2022-01-01House price forecasting using the multi-level modelling method in SydneyGe, XJ; Mangioni, V; Shi, S; Herath, S
2015-01-01House price indices using assessed values statisticsShi, S
2017-09-01Impacts of airport traffic volumes on house prices of New Zealand’s major regions: A panel data approachTsui, WHK; Tan, DTW; Shi, S
2022-11-01Implicit Weight Learning for Multi-View Clustering.Nie, F; Shi, S; Li, J; Li, X
2015-01-01The improved net rate analysisShi, S
2020-08-01Individual Rainfall Change Based on Observed Hourly Precipitation Records on the Chinese Loess Plateau from 1983 to 2012Ding, W; Wang, F; Jin, K; Han, J; Yu, Q; Ren, Q; Shi, S
2017-01-01Leaky building stigma: Can it be eliminated by remediation? Evidence from New ZealandShi, S; McCarthy, I; Mai, U