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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-25A Pedagogical framework for learning analytics in collaborative inquiry tasks: An Example from a teamwork competency awareness programKoh, E; Shibani, A; Tan, JPL; Hong, H
-A reflective design case of practical micro‐ethics in learning analyticsKnight, S; Shibani, A; Buckingham Shum, S
-AcaWriter: A Learning Analytics Tool for Formative Feedback on Academic WritingKnight, S; Shibani, A; Abel, S; Gibson, A; Ryan, P
2019-03-04Advances in Writing Analytics: Mapping the state of the fieldShibani, A; Liu, M; Rapp, C; Knight, S
2016-01-01Analysis of teamwork dialogue: A data mining approachShibani, A; Koh, E; Lai, V; Shim, KJ; Joshi, J; Karypis, G; Liu, L; Hu, X; Ak, R; Xia, Y; Xu, W; Sato, AH; Rachuri, S; Ungar, L; Yu, PS; Govindaraju, R; Suzumura, T
2020-12-17Are You Being Rhetorical? A Description of Rhetorical Move Annotation Tools and Open Corpus of Sample Machine-Annotated Rhetorical MovesKnight, S; Abel, S; Shibani, A; Goh, YK; Conijn, R; Gibson, A; Vajjala, S; Cotos, E; Sándor Á; Buckingham Shum, S
2017-01-01Assessing the language of chat for teamwork dialogueShibani, A; Koh, E; Lai, V; Shim, KJ
2018-01-01Augmenting formative writing assessment with learning analytics: A design abstraction approachKnight, S; Shibani, A; Shum, SB
2019Augmenting pedagogic writing practice with contextualizable learning analyticsShibani, A
2018-03-05AWA-Tutor: A Platform to Ground Automated Writing Feedback in Robust Learning DesignShibani, A
2017-01-01Combining automated and peer feedback for effective learning design in writing practicesShibani, A
2020-01-01Constructing Automated Revision Graphs: A Novel Visualization Technique to Study Student WritingShibani, A
2019-03-04Contextualizable learning analytics design: A generic model and writing analytics evaluationsShibani, A; Knight, S; Shum, SB
2017-01-01Design and implementation of a pedagogic intervention using writing analyticsShibani, A; Knight, S; Buckingham Shum, S; Ryan, P
2016-01-01Designing a web tool to support teamwork awareness and reflection: Evaluation of two trial cyclesKoh, E; Tee, YH; Shibani, A; Tay, KL; Tan, JPL; Hong, H; Hussin, M; Chan, HL; Chen, W; Yang, JC; Murthy, S; Wong, SL; Iyer, S
-Designing Effective Work-Integrated Learning for Data Science Students: Considerations and Lessons LearnedShibani, A; Buck, A
2022-01-01DLRG@DravidianLangTech-ACL2022: Abusive Comment Detection in Tamil using Multilingual Transformer ModelsDuraphe, A; Rajalakshmi, R; Shibani, A
2024Ethical AI governance: Mapping a Research EcosystemKnight, S; Shibani, A; Vincent, N
2020-10-01Identifying patterns in students’ scientific argumentation: content analysis through text mining using Latent Dirichlet AllocationXing, W; Lee, HS; Shibani, A
2020-04-01Implementing learning analytics for learning impact: Taking tools to taskKnight, S; Gibson, A; Shibani, A