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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-01A state-of-the-art review on thermochemical conversion of biomass for biofuel production: A TG-FTIR approachOng, HC; Chen, WH; Singh, Y; Gan, YY; Chen, CY; Show, PL
2021-12-02A system dynamics approach to pollution remediation and mitigation based on increasing the share of renewable resources.Shadman, S; Chin, CMM; Sakundarini, N; Yap, EH; Fairuz, S; Wong, XY; Khalid, PA; Karimi, F; Karaman, C; Mofijur, M; Koyande, AK; Show, PL
2021-03-01Adsorptive removal of cationic methylene blue and anionic Congo red dyes using wet-torrefied microalgal biochar: Equilibrium, kinetic and mechanism modeling.Yu, KL; Lee, XJ; Ong, HC; Chen, W-H; Chang, J-S; Lin, C-S; Show, PL; Ling, TC
2022-01Algae-mediated antibiotic wastewater treatment: A critical review.Li, S; Show, PL; Ngo, HH; Ho, S-H
2023-04-15Alternative fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from marine transport and promote UN sustainable development goalsIslam Rony, Z; Mofijur, M; Hasan, MM; Rasul, MG; Jahirul, MI; Forruque Ahmed, S; Kalam, MA; Anjum Badruddin, I; Yunus Khan, TM; Show, PL
2022-02-15Application of microwave plasma technology to convert carbon dioxide (CO<inf>2</inf>) into high value products: A reviewOng, MY; Nomanbhay, S; Kusumo, F; Show, PL
2020-11-01Bioethanol production from acid pretreated microalgal hydrolysate using microwave-assisted heating wet torrefactionYu, KL; Chen, WH; Sheen, HK; Chang, JS; Lin, CS; Ong, HC; Show, PL; Ling, TC
2020-11-01Bioformulation of biochar as a potential inoculant carrier for sustainable agricultureAjeng, AA; Abdullah, R; Ling, TC; Ismail, S; Lau, BF; Ong, HC; Chew, KW; Show, PL; Chang, JS
2022-02-15Conversion of the toxic and hazardous Zanthoxylum armatum seed oil into methyl ester using green and recyclable silver oxide nanoparticlesRozina,; Ahmad, M; Asif, S; Klemeš, JJ; Mubashir, M; Bokhari, A; Sultana, S; Mukhtar, A; Zafar, M; Bazmi, AA; Ullah, S; Khan, MS; Koyande, AK; Mofijur, M; Show, PL
2019-07-31Effects of acids pre-treatment on the microbial fermentation process for bioethanol production from microalgaePhwan, CK; Chew, KW; Sebayang, AH; Ong, HC; Ling, TC; Malek, MA; Ho, YC; Show, PL
2019-11-01Efficient deoxygenation of triglycerides to hydrocarbon-biofuel over mesoporous Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-TiO<inf>2</inf> catalystOoi, XY; Oi, LE; Choo, MY; Ong, HC; Lee, HV; Show, PL; Lin, YC; Juan, JC
2019-10-01Extraction of natural astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis using liquid biphasic flotation systemKhoo, KS; Chew, KW; Ooi, CW; Ong, HC; Ling, TC; Show, PL
2021-10-01Green energy technologyChen, WH; Ong, HC; Ho, SH; Show, PL
2021-10-01Greenhouse gases utilization: A reviewJeffry, L; Ong, MY; Nomanbhay, S; Mofijur, M; Mubashir, M; Show, PL
2020-04-01Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of iron oxide reduction by graphite for CO<inf>2</inf> mitigation in chemical-looping combustionUbando, AT; Chen, WH; Show, PL; Ong, HC
2022-04-29Progress and Recent Trends in the Application of Nanoparticles as Low Carbon Fuel Additives-A State of the Art Review.Ampah, JD; Yusuf, AA; Agyekum, EB; Afrane, S; Jin, C; Liu, H; Fattah, IMR; Show, PL; Shouran, M; Habil, M; Kamel, S
2021-01-01Progress in biomass torrefaction: Principles, applications and challengesChen, W-H; Lin, B-J; Lin, Y-Y; Chu, Y-S; Ubando, AT; Show, PL; Ong, HC; Chang, J-S; Ho, S-H; Culaba, AB; Pétrissans, A; Pétrissans, M
2021-02-25Prospects of Bioenergy Production From Organic Waste Using Anaerobic Digestion Technology: A Mini ReviewUddin, MN; Siddiki, SYA; Mofijur, M; Djavanroodi, F; Hazrat, MA; Show, PL; Ahmed, SF; Chu, Y-M
2022-01-01Recent advancement in deoxygenation of fatty acids via homogeneous catalysis for biofuel productionTabandeh, M; Cheng, CK; Centi, G; Show, PL; Chen, WH; Ling, TC; Ong, HC; Ng, EP; Juan, JC; Lam, SS
2021-08-15Recent developments in physical, biological, chemical, and hybrid treatment techniques for removing emerging contaminants from wastewaterAhmed, SF; Mofijur, M; Nuzhat, S; Chowdhury, AT; Rafa, N; Uddin, MA; Inayat, A; Mahlia, TMI; Ong, HC; Chia, WY; Show, PL