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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Apr-2015Applying a novel combination of techniques to develop a predictive model for diabetes complicationsSangi, M; Win, KT; Shirvani, F; Namazi-Rad, MR; Shukla, N
1-Feb-2019Barriers to big data analytics in manufacturing supply chains: A case study from BangladeshMoktadir, MA; Ali, SM; Paul, SK; Shukla, N
1-Jun-2018Big data analytics and application for logistics and supply chain managementGovindan, K; Cheng, TCE; Mishra, N; Shukla, N
1-Mar-2018Breast cancer data analysis for survivability studies and predictionShukla, N; Hagenbuchner, M; Win, KT; Yang, J
20-Aug-2019Extending the supply chain to address sustainabilityTaghikhah, F; Voinov, A; Shukla, N
19-Mar-2019Extraction of road features from UAV images using a novel level set segmentation approachAbdollahi, A; Pradhan, B; Shukla, N
1-Jun-2018A genetic column generation algorithm for sustainable spare part delivery: application to the Sydney DropPoint networkDunbar, M; Belieres, S; Shukla, N; Amirghasemi, M; Perez, P; Mishra, N
1-Jan-2020Half a century of computer methods and programs in biomedicine: A bibliometric analysis from 1970 to 2017Shukla, N; Merigó, JM; Lammers, T; Miranda, L
16-Jan-2019Modeling of CO emissions from traffic vehicles using artificial neural networksAzeez, OS; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Shukla, N; Lee, CW; Rizeei, HM
9-Oct-2018Modeling supply network configuration problems with varying demand profilesDharmapriya, S; Kiridena, S; Shukla, N
29-Jan-2019Modelling sustainable supply networks with adaptive agentsDharmapriya, S; Kiridena, S; Shukla, N
1-May-2019Modelling Trade Logistics Based on Multi-Method Simulation Approach: Case-in-Point: MongoliaShukla, N; Radhakrishnan, A
1-Feb-2019Next generation smart manufacturing and service systems using big data analyticsShukla, N; Tiwari, MK; Beydoun, G
1-Nov-2017Optimal placement of water-level sensors to facilitate data-driven management of hydrological infrastructure assets in coastal mega-cities of developing nationsOgie, RI; Shukla, N; Sedlar, F; Holderness, T
1-Jan-2017RailNet: A simulation model for operational planning of rail freightMichal, G; Huynh, N; Shukla, N; Munoz, A; Barthelemy, J
1-Jun-2018Social media data analytics to improve supply chain management in food industriesSingh, A; Shukla, N; Mishra, N
2-Sep-2018Solving closed-loop supply chain problems using game theoretic particle swarm optimisationPatne, K; Shukla, N; Kiridena, S; Tiwari, MK
13-Apr-2016A systematic review of modelling approaches in economic evaluations of health interventions for drug and alcohol problemsHoang, VP; Shanahan, M; Shukla, N; Perez, P; Farrell, M; Ritter, A
14-Jun-2019Trade Logistics in Landlocked and Resource Cursed Asian CountriesJayanthakumaran, K; Shukla, N; Harvie, C; Erdenetsogt, O
1-Jan-2017Understanding the Food Supply Chain using Social Media Data AnalysisShukla, N; Mishra, N; Singh, A