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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-02A 3D‐Bioprinted Vascularized Glioblastoma‐on‐a‐Chip for Studying the Impact of Simulated Microgravity as a Novel Pre‐Clinical Approach in Brain Tumor TherapySilvani, G; Basirun, C; Wu, H; Mehner, C; Poole, K; Bradbury, P; Chou, J
2021-06-03A Microfluidic Platform for Cavitation-Enhanced Drug Delivery.Grisanti, G; Caprini, D; Sinibaldi, G; Scognamiglio, C; Silvani, G; Peruzzi, G; Casciola, CM
2021-01An Acoustic Platform for Single-Cell, High-Throughput Measurements of the Viscoelastic Properties of Cells.Romanov, V; Silvani, G; Zhu, H; Cox, CD; Martinac, B
2023-02-27Bacterial Virulence and Prevention for Human Spaceflight.Wazir, HU; Narang, P; Silvani, G; Mehner, C; Poole, K; Burke, C; Chou, J
2021Biomechanical Characterization of Endothelial Cells Exposed to Shear Stress Using Acoustic Force Spectroscopy.Silvani, G; Romanov, V; Cox, CD; Martinac, B
2020Cell membrane mechanics and mechanosensory transduction.Martinac, B; Nikolaev, YA; Silvani, G; Bavi, N; Romanov, V; Nakayama, Y; Martinac, AD; Rohde, P; Bavi, O; Cox, CD; Levitan, I; Trache, A
2018-08-01Perspectives on cavitation enhanced endothelial layer permeability.Peruzzi, G; Sinibaldi, G; Silvani, G; Ruocco, G; Casciola, CM
2019-12Reversible Cavitation-Induced Junctional Opening in an Artificial Endothelial Layer.Silvani, G; Scognamiglio, C; Caprini, D; Marino, L; Chinappi, M; Sinibaldi, G; Peruzzi, G; Kiani, MF; Casciola, CM
2023-12-27Sounding a New Era in Biomechanics with Acoustic Force Spectroscopy.Silvani, G; Romanov, V; Martinac, B
2022-06-03Testing 3D printed biological platform for advancing simulated microgravity and space mechanobiology research.Silvani, G; Bradbury, P; Basirun, C; Mehner, C; Zalli, D; Poole, K; Chou, J