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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Acute Physiological Responses to Moderate-Load Resistance Exercise in Hypoxia.Scott, BR; Slattery, KM; Sculley, DV; Lockhart, C; Dascombe, BJ
May-2016Blood flow restricted exercise for athletes: A review of available evidence.Scott, BR; Loenneke, JP; Slattery, KM; Dascombe, BJ
Jan-2009The ecological validity and application of the session-RPE method for quantifying training loads in swimmingWallace, LK; Slattery, KM; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2012Effect Of Training Load On Simulated Team Sport Match PerformanceSlattery, KM; Wallace, LK; Bentley, D; Coutts, AJ
Mar-2015Exercise with blood flow restriction: an updated evidence-based approach for enhanced muscular development.Scott, BR; Loenneke, JP; Slattery, KM; Dascombe, BJ
27-Dec-2016High-intensity exercise in hypoxia: Is increased reliance on anaerobic metabolism importantScott, BR; Goods, PSR; Slattery, KM
Aug-2014Hypoxia and resistance exercise: a comparison of localized and systemic methods.Scott, BR; Slattery, KM; Sculley, DV; Dascombe, BJ
13-Oct-2014Intermittent hypoxic resistance training: Does it provide added benefit?Scott, BR; Slattery, KM; Dascombe, BJ
Feb-2015Intermittent hypoxic resistance training: is metabolic stress the key moderator?Scott, BR; Slattery, KM; Dascombe, BJ
Jan-2007Monitoring changes in performance, physiology, biochemistry, and psychology during overreaching and recovery in triathletesCoutts, AJ; Wallace, LK; Slattery, KM
Jan-2012Nutritional practices of elite swimmers during an intensified training camp: with particular reference to antioxidantsSlattery, KM; Wallace, LK; Coutts, AJ
Mar-2015Physical performance during high-intensity resistance exercise in normoxic and hypoxic conditions.Scott, BR; Slattery, KM; Sculley, DV; Hodson, JA; Dascombe, BJ
Jan-2006Physiological determinants of three-kilometer running performance in experienced triathletesSlattery, KM; Wallace, LK; Murphy, AJ; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2007Practical tests for monitoring performance, fatigue and recovery in triathletesCoutts, AJ; Slattery, KM; Wallace, LK
Oct-2014Reliability of telemetric electromyography and near-infrared spectroscopy during high-intensity resistance exercise.Scott, BR; Slattery, KM; Sculley, DV; Lockie, RG; Dascombe, BJ
2012The role of oxidative, inflammatory and neuroendocrinological systems during exercise stress in athletesSlattery, KM
Mar-2017Temperate Performance Benefits after Heat, but Not Combined Heat and Hypoxic Training.McCleave, EL; Slattery, KM; Duffield, R; Saunders, PU; Sharma, AP; Crowcroft, SJ; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2008Using session-RPE to monitor training load in swimmersWallace, LK; Coutts, AJ; Bell, J; Simpson, N; Slattery, KM
Mar-2014The validity and reliability of a customized rigid supportive harness during Smith machine back squat exercise.Scott, BR; Dascombe, BJ; Delaney, JA; Elsworthy, N; Lockie, RG; Sculley, DV; Slattery, KM