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2023-11An analysis of the resource use and costs of febrile neutropenia events in pediatric cancer patients in Australia.Vargas, C; Haeusler, GM; Slavin, MA; Babl, FE; Mechinaud, F; Phillips, R; Thursky, K; Lourenco, RDA; Australian PICNICC Study Group,
2021-12-02Cost-effectiveness of home-based care of febrile neutropenia in children with cancer.Tew, M; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Gordon, JR; Thursky, KA; Slavin, MA; Babl, FA; Orme, L; Bryant, PA; Teh, BW; Dalziel, K; Haeusler, GM
2021-01-01Diagnostic Yield of Initial and Consecutive Blood Cultures in Children With Cancer and Febrile NeutropeniaHaeusler, GM; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Clark, H; Thursky, KA; Slavin, MA; Babl, FE; Mechinaud, F; Alvaro, F; Clark, J; Padhye, B; Phillips, M; Super, L; Tapp, H; Walwyn, T; Ziegler, D; Phillips, R; Worth, LJ
2021-08-01Examining health-related quality of life in pediatric cancer patients with febrile neutropenia: Factors predicting poor recovery in children and their parentsCrothers, A; Haeusler, GM; Slavin, MA; Babl, FE; Mechinaud, F; Phillips, R; Tapp, H; Padhye, B; Zeigler, D; Clark, J; Walwyn, T; Super, L; Alvaro, F; Thursky, K; De Abreu Lourenco, R
2018-04-01External Validation of Six Pediatric Fever and Neutropenia Clinical Decision RulesHaeusler, GM; Thursky, KA; Slavin, MA; Mechinaud, F; Babl, FE; Bryant, P; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Phillips, R
2021-03Home-based care of low-risk febrile neutropenia in children-an implementation study in a tertiary paediatric hospital.Haeusler, GM; Gaynor, L; Teh, B; Babl, FE; Orme, LM; Segal, A; Mechinaud, F; Bryant, PA; Phillips, B; Lourenco, RDA; Slavin, MA; Thursky, KA
2020-06Managing haematology and oncology patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: interim consensus guidance.Weinkove, R; McQuilten, ZK; Adler, J; Agar, MR; Blyth, E; Cheng, AC; Conyers, R; Haeusler, GM; Hardie, C; Jackson, C; Lane, SW; Middlemiss, T; Mollee, P; Mulligan, SP; Ritchie, D; Ruka, M; Solomon, B; Szer, J; Thursky, KA; Wood, EM; Worth, LJ; Yong, MK; Slavin, MA; Teh, BW
2021-02-03Managing low‐risk febrile neutropenia in children in the time of COVID‐19: What matters to parents and cliniciansHaeusler, GM; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Bakos, C; O'Brien, T; Slavin, MA; Clark, JE; McMullan, B; Borland, ML; Babl, FE; Krishnasamy, M; Vanevski, M; Thursky, KA; Hall, L
2017-07-11Predicting Infectious ComplicatioNs in Children with Cancer: An external validation studyHaeusler, GM; Thursky, KA; Mechinaud, F; Babl, FE; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Slavin, MA; Phillips, R
2022-10Prevalence and predictors of poor outcome in children with febrile neutropaenia presenting to the emergency department.Long, E; Babl, FE; Phillips, N; Craig, S; Zhang, M; Kochar, A; McCaskill, M; Borland, ML; Slavin, MA; Phillips, R; Lourenco, RDA; Michinaud, F; Thursky, KA; Haeusler, G; Australian PICNICC Study Group and the PREDICT Network,
2020Re-evaluating and recalibrating predictors of bacterial infection in children with cancer and febrile neutropeniaHaeusler, G; Thursky, K; Slavin, MA; Babl, FE; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Mechinaud, F; Phillips, B
2020-01-01Risk stratification in children with cancer and febrile neutropenia: A national, prospective, multicentre validation of nine clinical decision rulesHaeusler, GM; Thursky, KA; Slavin, MA; Babl, FE; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Allaway, Z; Mechinaud, F; Phillips, R