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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-24A cross-sectional study of traditional Chinese medicine practitioner's knowledge, treatment strategies and integration of practice of chronic pelvic pain in women.Arentz, S; Smith, C; Redmond, R; Abbott, J; Armour, M
2015-01-01The coral core microbiome identifies rare bacterial taxa as ubiquitous endosymbiontsAinsworth, TD; Krause, L; Bridge, T; Torda, G; Raina, JB; Zakrzewski, M; Gates, RD; Padilla-Gamiño, JL; Spalding, HL; Smith, C; Woolsey, ES; Bourne, DG; Bongaerts, P; Hoegh-Guldberg, O; Leggat, W
2020Formation of the Australian Naturopathic Council (ANC): Formalising a new era of unity for Australian naturopathySteel, A; Breakspear, I; Carter, J; Pinder, TA; Smith, C
2019-03-01Forum: Visual Studies—The Art Historians’ ViewMorton, M; Maynes, E; McCloskey, B; Hartzell, F; Smith, C; Lübbren, N; Zervigón, AM; Magilow, DH; Weikop, C; Barnstone, DA
2019-06-01From entry to elite: The relative age effect in the Australian football talent pathwayTribolet, R; Watsford, ML; Coutts, AJ; Smith, C; Fransen, J
2020-03-18How nurses and other health professionals use learning principles in parent education practice: A scoping review of the literature.Thompson, D; Leach, M; Smith, C; Fereday, J; May, E
2017-09-06Low-Dose Nitric Oxide as Targeted Anti-biofilm Adjunctive Therapy to Treat Chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection in Cystic FibrosisHowlin, RP; Cathie, K; Hall-Stoodley, L; Cornelius, V; Duignan, C; Allan, RN; Fernandez, BO; Barraud, N; Bruce, KD; Jefferies, J; Kelso, M; Kjelleberg, S; Rice, SA; Rogers, GB; Pink, S; Smith, C; Sukhtankar, PS; Salib, R; Legg, J; Carroll, M; Daniels, T; Feelisch, M; Stoodley, P; Clarke, SC; Connett, G; Faust, SN; Webb, JS
2006-12-01Nonlinear photonic crystals in chalcogenide for all-optical processingGrillet, C; Smith, C; Lee, M; Mägi, E; Moss, D; Eggleton, B; Freeman, D; Madden, S; Luther-Davies, B; Byrne, M; Asatryan, A; Botten, L
2018-01-16Optimal preparation of formalin fixed samples for peptide based matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging workflowsO’Rourke, MB; Padula, MP; Smith, C; Youssef, P; Cordwell, S; Witting, P; Sutherland, G; Crossett, B
2018-01-01The pornography consumer as OtherMcKee, A; Smith, C; Attwood, F; McNair, B
2012-04-01The practice of teamwork in health industry call centresValsecchi, R; Wise, S; Mueller, F; Smith, C
2007-10-15T01:11:23ZThe Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of AustralasiaAhlquist, S; Wilkins, H; Leibowitz, V; Spurr, S; Lahoud, A; Tucker, C; Chapman, M; Barber, D; Keefer Bell, E; Lowe, R; Hill, G; Gu, N; Gardiner, B; Moulis, A; Ednie-Brown, P; Holzer, D; Austin, M; Musgrave, E; Maher, ML; Raisbeck, P; Smith, W; Pickersgill, S; Hogben, P; Ostwald, M; McCarthy, C; Moloney, J; Bharat, D; Orr, K; Loo, S; Smith, C; Stead, N; Goad, P; Lewi, H; Abel, C; Andresen, B; Frichot, H; Perin, G; Tombesi, P; Reinhardt, D; Scriver, P; Pelosi, A; More, G; Burns, K; Shotton, E; Frumar, J; Kaji-O'Grady, S; Taylor, WM; Orr, Kirsten.; Kaji-O'Grady, Sandra.
2019-12-01Pursuing Social Justice Through Collaborative Archaeologies in Aboriginal AustraliaSmith, C; Burke, H; Ralph, J; Pollard, K; Gorman, A; Wilson, C; Hemming, S; Rigney, D; Wesley, D; Morrison, M; McNaughton, D; Domingo, I; Moffat, I; Roberts, A; Koolmatrie, J; Willika, J; Pamkal, B; Jackson, G
2012-10-10Raman spectroscopy and microspectrophotometry of reactive dyes on cotton fibres: Analysis and detection limitsMassonnet, G; Buzzini, P; Monard, F; Jochem, G; Fido, L; Bell, S; Stauber, M; Coyle, T; Roux, C; Hemmings, J; Leijenhorst, H; Van Zanten, Z; Wiggins, K; Smith, C; Chabli, S; Sauneuf, T; Rosengarten, A; Meile, C; Ketterer, S; Blumer, A
2021-06-01Sexual objects, sexual subjects and certified freaks: rethinking 'Objectification'McKee, A; Attwood, F; Smith, C; Mercer, J; Paasonen, S
2018-01-01Social media platforms and sexual healthByron, P; Smith, C; Attwood, F; McNair, B
2018-02-05Time Since Death in Bioarchaeology and Human OsteologyForbes, S; Ueland, M; Smith, C
2023-11-06Utilizing Virtual Reality for Gender-Affirming Voice Training: Surveying the Attitudes and Perspectives of Potential Consumers.Smith, C; Gregory, C; Bryant, L
2020-03-18What and how: doing good research with young people, digital intimacies, and relationships and sex educationMcKee, A; Scott, RH; Smith, C; Formby, E; Hadley, A; Hallgarten,, L; Hoyle, A; Marston, C; Tourountsis, D