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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01An application of a generalised Jakes model for MIMO channelsSmith, DB; Robin Braun
2017-07-19Biologically inspired self-organization and node-level interference mitigation amongst multiple coexisting wireless body area networksMovassaghi, S; Maleki, B; Smith, DB; Abolhasan, M
2005-07-01Differential unitary space-time superset modulationSmith, DB; Aubrey, T
2005-01Differential Unity space-time Superset ModulationSmith, DB; Aubrey, TA
2012-08-01Distributed transmit beamforming: Phase convergence improvement using enhanced one-bit feedbackTushar, W; Smith, DB; Zhang, A; Lamahewa, TA; Abhayapala, T
2016-01-01Diversity and cooperative communications in body area networksSmith, DB; Abolhasan, M
2012-12-01An efficient energy curtailment scheme for outage management in smart gridTushar, W; Zhang, J; Smith, DB; Poor, HV; Platt, G; Durrani, S
2003-01Fast differential unitary space-time modulation decoding for a MIMO radio channelSmith, DB
2011-04-01First- and second-order statistical characterizations of the dynamic body area propagation channel of various bandwidthsSmith, DB; Hanlen, LW; Zhang, J; Miniutti, D; Rodda, D; Gilbert, B
2022-07-20From traffic classes to content: A hierarchical approach for encrypted traffic classificationLi, Y; Huang, Y; Seneviratne, S; Thilakarathna, K; Cheng, A; Jourjon, G; Webb, D; Smith, DB; Xu, RYD
2004-01A generalised (M,NR) MIMO Rayleigh channel model for non-isotropic scatterer distributions.Smith, DB; Abhayapala, TD; Aubrey, TA; al, PEPWCCERBCCE
2003-01Generalised space-time model for Rayleigh fading channels with non-isotropic scatterer distributionSmith, DB; Abhayapala, TD
2003-07-18Generalized space-time modelling of the MIMO channel applied to analysing and optimising transmit antenna configurationsSmith, DB; Aubrey, T
2016-01-01Management of Renewable Energy for a Shared Facility Controller in Smart GridTushar, W; Zhang, JA; Yuen, C; Smith, DB; Ul Hassan, N
2018-03-01Opportunistic spectrum allocation for interference mitigation amongst coexisting wireless body area networksMovassaghi, S; Smith, DB; Abolhasan, M; Jamalipour, A
2003-08-21Performance degradation of differential space-time modulation in fast frequency flat fading Rayleigh MIMO channelsSmith, DB; Aubrey, TA
2014-01-01Prioritizing consumers in smart grid: A game theoretic approachTushar, W; Zhang, JA; Smith, DB; Poor, HV; Thiébaux, S
2013-01-01Prioritizing consumers in smart grid: Energy management using game theoryTushar, W; Zhang, JA; Smith, DB; Thiebaux, S; Poor, HV
2003-01Selection of MIMO Antenna Subsets and Supersets using Differential Unitary Space-time ModulationSmith, DB; Kennedy, RA; Grant, AJ
2015-12-01Self-organization amongst multiple co-existing wireless body area networksMovassaghi, S; Majidi, A; Smith, DB; Abolhasan, M; Jamalipour, A