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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04-01Absorption tails and extinction in luminescent solar concentratorsEarp, AA; Franklin, JB; Smith, GB
2009-09-01Amplified radiative cooling via optimised combinations of aperture geometry and spectral emittance profiles of surfaces and the atmosphereSmith, GB
2004-10-01Angle-dependent light scattering in materials with controlled diffuse solar optical propertiesJonsson, JC; Karlsson, L; Nostell, P; Niklasson, GA; Smith, GB
2009-11-23Angular selectivity: Impact on optimised coatings for night sky radiative coolingGentle, AR; Smith, GB
2016-06-28AZO/Ag/AZO anode for resonant cavity red, blue, and yellow organic light emitting diodesGentle, AR; Yambem, SD; Burn, PL; Meredith, P; Smith, GB
2007-09-21Bulk and surface plasmons in highly nanoporous gold filmsMaaroof, AI; Gentle, A; Smith, GB; Cortie, MB
2003-08-20Color considerations in fluorescent solar concentrator stacksSwift, PD; Smith, GB
2003-09-01Coloured paints based on coated flakes of metal as the pigment, for enhanced solar reflectance and cooler interiors: Description and theorySmith, GB; Gentle, A; Swift, P; Earp, A; Mronga, N
2003-09-01Coloured paints based on iron oxide and silicon oxide coated flakes of aluminium as the pigment, for energy efficient paint: Optical and thermal experimentsSmith, GB; Gentle, A; Swift, PD; Earp, A; Mronga, N
2009-11-23Comparisons of enhanced absorption in closely-coupled grating-mirror and random particle-mirror systemsArnold, MD; Smith, GB
2002-10-01Coupled multipolar interactions in clusters of nanoparticles with metal shellsSmith, GB; Pustovit, VN
2013-11-04A critical hurdle to widespread use of polymer based luminescent solar concentratorsFranklin, JB; Smith, GB; Earp, AE
2003-06-16Dilute LaB<inf>6</inf> nanoparticles in polymer as optimized clear solar control glazingSchelm, S; Smith, GB
2005-05-10Directional and angle-resolved optical scattering of high-performance translucent polymer sheets for energy-efficient lighting and skylightsJonsson, JC; Smith, GB; Deller, C; Roos, A
2013-11-15Discharge amplified photo-emission from ultra-thin films applied to tuning work function of transparent electrodes in organic opto-electronic devicesGentle, AR; Smith, GB; Watkins, SE
2004-02-01Double Effective Medium Model for the Optical Properties of Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticle Films Cross-Linked with Alkane DithiolsSchelm, S; Smith, GB; Wei, G; Vella, A; Wieczorek, L; Muller, KH; Raguse, B
2008-01-07Dual metal-insulator and insulator-insulator switching in nanoscale and Al doped VO<inf>2</inf>Gentle, A; Smith, GB
2005-08-01Effective optical constants of nanostructured thin silver films and impact of an insulator coatingMaaroof, AI; Smith, GB
2005-01-01Electrochemical capacitance of mesoporous goldCortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Smith, GB
2004-04-01Energy-efficient coatings in the Nanohouse™ InitiativeSmith, GB; Ford, MJ; Masens, C; Muir, J