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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005The Australian Quantity Surveying ProfessionSmith, PV; Smith, P
1-Jan-2014BIM & the 5D Project Cost ManagerSmith, P; Radujkovic, M; Vukomanovic, M; Wagner, R
1-Jan-2014BIM implementation - Global strategiesSmith, P
15-Nov-2010The carbon balance of European croplands: A cross-site comparison of simulation modelsWattenbach, M; Sus, O; Vuichard, N; Lehuger, S; Gottschalk, P; Li, L; Leip, A; Williams, M; Tomelleri, E; Kutsch, WL; Buchmann, N; Eugster, W; Dietiker, D; Aubinet, M; Ceschia, E; Béziat, P; Grünwald, T; Hastings, A; Osborne, B; Ciais, P; Cellier, P; Smith, P
1-Jan-2009Effect of backwash and powder activated carbon (PAC) addition on performance of side stream membrane filtration system (SSMFS) on treatment of biological treatment effluentSmith, P; Vigneswaran, S
2006Employment Patterns of Undergraduate Construction StudentsSmith, P; UTS
Jan-2011A feasibility study for a survey of migrantsSmith, P; Cleary, A; Jones, M; Johnston, S; Bremner, P; Brown, JJ; Wiggins, R
1-Jan-2016Global professional standards for project cost managementSmith, P; Serpell, A; Ferrada, X
18-Nov-2018The Global Project Cost Management AssociationSmith, P
1-Dec-2012The impact of housing life cycle costs on home ownership affordabilitySmith, P
20-Oct-2014Improving Certainty in Construction: The Need for International StandardsMuse, A; Sullivan, J; Smith, P
2001Information Technology and the QS PracticeSmith, P
1-Jan-2013Modelling housing affordability measurement through the incorporation of life cycle costsSmith, P
1-Jan-2014Project Cost Management - Global Issues and ChallengesSmith, P; Radujkovic, M; Vukomanovic, M; Wagner, R
1-Jan-2016Project cost management with 5D BIMSmith, P; Serpell, A; Ferrada, X
5-Jan-2007Submerged membrane adsorption hybrid system (SMAHS): process control and optimization of operating parametersVigneswaran, S; Guo, WS; Smith, P; Ngo, HH
Mar-2018Sustainable Retrofitting - Global Strategies & Implementation IssuesSmith, P
Jan-2008Working relationships for sustainability: Improving work-based relationships in local government to bring about sustainability goalsHerriman, J; Storey, H; Smith, P; Collier, G