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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-01Directional emission of down-converted photons from a dielectric nanoresonatorNikolaeva, A; Frizyuk, K; Olekhno, N; Solntsev, A; Petrov, M
2018-10-17Enhanced Emission from WSe<inf>2</inf> Monolayers Coupled to Circular Bragg GratingsDuong, NMH; Xu, ZQ; Kianinia, M; Su, R; Liu, Z; Kim, S; Bradac, C; Tran, TT; Wan, Y; Li, LJ; Solntsev, A; Liu, J; Aharonovich, I
2019-06-01Generating quantum states of surface plasmon-polariton pairs with a nonlinear nanoparticleOlekhno, N; Petrov, M; Iorsh, I; Sukhorukov, AA; Solntsev, A
2019-12-01Integrated on Chip Platform with Quantum Emitters in Layered MaterialsKim, S; Duong, NMH; Nguyen, M; Lu, TJ; Kianinia, M; Mendelson, N; Solntsev, A; Bradac, C; Englund, DR; Aharonovich, I
2017-09-01Manipulating second-harmonic light from semiconductor nanocrystalsNeshev, D; Camacho-Morales, R; Rahmani, M; Kruk, S; Wang, L; Xu, L; Smirnova, D; Solntsev, A; Miroshnichenko, A; Tan, HH; Karouta, F; Naureen, S; Vora, K; Carletti, L; De Angelis, C; Jagadish, C; Kivshar, Y
2020-06Optical Thermometry with Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Chen, Y; Tran, TN; Duong, NMH; Li, C; Toth, M; Bradac, C; Aharonovich, I; Solntsev, A; Tran, TT
2018-01-01Quantum emitters in 2D materialsSolntsev, A; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2018-03-08Scalable on-chip quantum state tomographyTitchener, J; Gräfe, M; Heilmann, R; Solntsev, A; Szameit, A; Sukhorukov, A
2017-02-14Shaping the third-harmonic radiation from silicon nanodimersWang, L; Kruk, S; Xu, L; Rahmani, M; Smirnova, D; Solntsev, A; Kravchenko, I; Neshev, D; Kivshar, Y