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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06-01Discovering conditional matching rulesWang, Y; Song, S; Chen, L; Yu, JX; Cheng, H
2021-10-01Effect of geological origin of apatite on reverse flotation separation of phosphate ores using phosphoric acid as depressantLi, H; Chen, Y; Zheng, H; Huang, P; Yang, P; Chen, Q; Weng, X; He, D; Song, S
2017-10-01Graph repairing under neighborhood constraintsSong, S; Liu, B; Cheng, H; Yu, JX; Chen, L
2019-07-15Heterotrophic denitrifiers growing on soluble microbial products contribute to nitrous oxide production in anammox biofilm: Model evaluationPeng, L; Ngo, HH; Song, S; Xu, Y; Guo, W; Liu, Y; Wei, W; Chen, X; Wang, D; Ni, BJ
2022-11-15Hierarchical construction of hollow NiCo<inf>2</inf>S<inf>4</inf> nanotube@NiCo<inf>2</inf>S<inf>4</inf> nanosheet arrays on Ni foam as an efficient and durable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reactionBai, L; Song, A; Lei, X; Zhang, T; Song, S; Tian, H; Liu, H; Qin, X; Wang, G; Shao, G
2022-01-01Impact of geological origin on flotation separation of apatite from dolomite using β-naphthyl sulfonate formaldehyde condensate as depressantLi, H; Mao, Y; Zheng, H; Kasomo, RM; Huang, P; Chen, Y; Chen, Q; weng, X; He, D; Song, S
2018-07-01Kinetic assessment of simultaneous removal of arsenite, chlorate and nitrate under autotrophic and mixotrophic conditionsPeng, L; Dai, X; Liu, Y; Wei, W; Sun, J; Xie, GJ; Wang, D; Song, S; Ni, BJ
2018-04-01Model-based assessment of estrogen removal by nitrifying activated sludgePeng, L; Dai, X; Liu, Y; Sun, J; Song, S; Ni, BJ
2021-01-01Modeling nitrate/nitrite dependent anaerobic methane oxidation and Anammox process in a membrane granular sludge reactorPeng, L; Fan, SQ; Xie, GJ; Ni, BJ; Liu, Y; Xu, Y; Liu, BF; Xing, DF; Han, HJ; Song, S; Ren, NQ
2020-12-01Modelling melamine biodegradation in a membrane aerated biofilm reactorXu, Y; Peng, L; Liu, Y; Xie, G; Song, S; Ni, BJ
2018-12-01The multi-level and multi-dimensional quantum wavelet packet transformsLi, HS; Fan, P; Xia, HY; Song, S; He, X
2018-11-01A novel mechanistic model for nitrogen removal in algal-bacterial photo sequencing batch reactorsPeng, L; Ngo, HH; Guo, WS; Liu, Y; Wang, D; Song, S; Wei, W; Nghiem, LD; Ni, BJ
2021-01-20Optimizing light sources for selective growth of purple bacteria and efficient formation of value-added productsYu, S; Peng, L; Xu, Y; Song, S; Xie, GJ; Liu, Y; Ni, BJ
2018-12-01The quantum Fourier transform based on quantum vision representationLi, HS; Fan, P; Xia, HY; Song, S; He, X
2022-04-20Selective flotation separation of bastnaesite from dolomite using β-naphthyl sulfonate formaldehyde condensate as depressant: Experimental and calculational studiesLiu, S; Mao, Y; Luo, Y; Weng, X; Chen, Q; Li, H; Yi, H; Song, S; He, D
2018-01-01Single image rain removal via a simplified residual dense networkXia, H; Zhuge, R; Li, H; Song, S; Jiang, F; Xu, M
2022-09Utilization of Fenton oxidation approach in wet phosphoric acid process for mitigating foam generationMao, Y; Zhang, W; Li, H; Chen, Q; Kasomo, RM; Luo, H; Song, S