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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01-01The "abelard complex": William godwin's memoirs of the author of a vindication of the rights of woman and the gender of romantic biographySpongberg, M
2012-01-01‘All histories are against you?’: Family history, domestic history and the feminine past in Northanger Abbey and PersuasionSpongberg, M
2008-01-01Australian Women’s History in Australian Feminist Periodicals 1971–1988Spongberg, M
2009-06-01EditorialSpongberg, M
2008-01An Extraordinary Destiny: Mary Hays, Dissenting FeministSpongberg, M
2010-07-01Feminist publishing in a cold climate?: Australian Feminist Studies and the new ERA of researchSpongberg, M
2015-01-01The Gender of Censorship: John Wilson Croker, Mary Hays and the Aftermath of the Queen Caroline AffairSpongberg, M; Moore, N
2012-08-01History, fiction, and anachronism: Northanger Abbey, the Tudor past and the Gothic presentSpongberg, M
2011-11-01Introduction: The Gender of Whig Historiography: Women writers and Britain's pasts and presentsSpongberg, M; Tuite, C
2011-01-01Jane Austen and the history of EnglandSpongberg, M
2009-03-06Jane Austen, the 1790s, and the French RevolutionSpongberg, M
2011-11-01La Reine malheureuse: Stuart history, sympathetic history and the Stricklands' history of Henrietta MariaSpongberg, M
2010-01Mary Hays and Mary Wollstonecraft and the Evolution of Dissenting FeminismSpongberg, M
1997-01-01Mother knows best? Bridging feminism's generation gapSpongberg, M
1997-01Queering new groundSpongberg, M
2013-01Representing Woman: Historicizing Women in the Age of EnlightenmentSpongberg, M; Cook; Curthoys; Konishi
2018-04-03The trial(s) of Queen Caroline and Hays’s Memoirs of Queens, Illustrious and CelebratedSpongberg, M
2017-09-03Twenty years on: Feminist histories and digital mediaHamilton, P; Spongberg, M