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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Community not the Councillors: A Study of Commitment of Australian Senior Council Officers Working under a Politicised Employment RelationshipHaidar, A; Spooner, KB
2010-01Defining sustainability and human resource managementSpooner, KB; Kaine, SJ
2005-01Defining the employment relationshipSpooner, KB; Haidar, A; Mortimer, D; Stewart, G
2007-01Has Enterprise Bargaining in the Australian Retail Industry Delivered its Promise of Family Friendly Working Conditions?Mortimer, DE; O'Neill, BW; Spooner, KB; White, G
2001-01Impact of Internet upon Pluralistic IndustrialismSpooner, KB; O'Neill, BW; n/a
2002-01Impact of the internet upon pluralistic industrialismSpooner, KB; O'Neill, BW
2008-01Implications of the Coombs Commission Report for HRM in the Public ServiceSpooner, KB; Haidar, A
2003-01Innovation creation and diffusion in the Australian economyPreiss, KJ; Spooner, KB
2003-01IR, HR or ER: student perceptions of meaningInnes, CC; Spooner, KB; Innes, C
2005-01Politicians, public service employment relationship and the Coombs CommissionSpooner, KB; Haidar, A
2009-01Politicisation and managerial values: Responses from New Zealand councillorsHaidar, A; Reid, M; Spooner, KB; Connell, J; Jepsen, D; Johns, R; Spooner, K
2006-01Politicisation of the employment relationship of senior public servants: an assessment of the recommendations of the Coombs Commission ReportSpooner, KB; Haidar, A; Lind, J
2004-01The Printing Industries Association of Australia: a survey of members' challenges and needsSpooner, KB
2007-01Public Policy in Australia and the Politicisation of the Employment Relationship? A Framework for AnalysisSpooner, KB; Haidar, A; White, G
2003-01The role of employer associations: a survey of members in the Australian printing industrySpooner, KB; White, G; Corby, S; Stanworth, C
2007-01Trustees, Neutrals or Hired Guns: A Study of the Employment Relationship and Managerial Values of Australian Senior Council OfficersHaidar, A; Spooner, KB
2002-01Understanding Australian labour lawSpooner, KB; Spooner, K
2010-01Understanding the meaning of politicisation of hte employment relationship through historical analysisSpooner, KB; Haidar, A; Barrett, S
2001-01Union Membership: AustraliaSpooner, KB; Innes, CC; Mortimer, DE
2002-01When the law does not work: clothing outworkers in AustraliaSpooner, KB; Spooner, K