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2022-08-02Effect of Graded Sensorimotor Retraining on Pain Intensity in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial.Bagg, MK; Wand, BM; Cashin, AG; Lee, H; Hübscher, M; Stanton, TR; O'Connell, NE; O'Hagan, ET; Rizzo, RRN; Wewege, MA; Rabey, M; Goodall, S; Saing, S; Lo, SN; Luomajoki, H; Herbert, RD; Maher, CG; Moseley, GL; McAuley, JH
2019-10-01Pain education for adolescents and young adults living beyond cancer: An interdisciplinary meeting reportHeathcote, LC; Allen, JM; Gunn, KM; Fox, S; Harvie, DS; Olver, I; Skinner, IW; Smith, AG; Stanton, TR; Whitford, HS; Moseley, GL
2017-01-01The RESOLVE Trial for people with chronic low back pain: protocol for a randomised clinical trialBagg, MK; Hübscher, M; Rabey, M; Wand, BM; O'Hagan, E; Moseley, GL; Stanton, TR; Maher, CG; Goodall, S; Saing, S; O'Connell, NE; Luomajoki, H; McAuley, JH
2023-06The Foundations for Chronic Low Back Pain Management may Start in Early Life. Exploring the Role of Caregiver Parental Leave on Future Low Back Pain in the Offspring.O'Hagan, ET; Wallwork, SB; Callander, E; Stanton, TR; Mychasiuk, R
2021-01The RESOLVE Trial for people with chronic low back pain: statistical analysis planBagg, MK; Lo, S; Cashin, AG; Herbert, R; O’Connell, NE; Lee, H; Hübscher, M; Wand, BM; O’Hagan, E; Rizzo, R; Moseley, GL; Stanton, TR; Maher, GC; Goodall, S; Saing, S; McAuley, JH
-Using Mediation Analysis to Understand How Treatments for Paediatric Pain Work: A Systematic Review and Recommendations for Future ResearchLeake, HB; Moseley, GL; Stanton, TR; Heathcote, LC; Pate, JW; Wewege, MA; Lee, H