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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01Adverse selection, moral hazard and the demand for Medigap insuranceKeane, M; Stavrunova, O
2021-02-01Determinants of the community mobility during the COVID-19 epidemic: The role of government regulations and informationMendolia, S; Stavrunova, O; Yerokhin, O
2013-01-01Discrimination in a universal health system: Explaining socioeconomic waiting time gapsJohar, M; Jones, G; Keane, MP; Savage, E; Stavrunova, O
2011-09-01An equilibrium model of waiting times for elective surgery in NSW public hospitalsStavrunova, O; Yerokhin, O
2012-06-01Geographic Differences in Hospital Waiting TimesJohar, M; Savage, E; Stavrunova, O; Jones, G; Keane, M
2016-06-01How Portfolios Evolve after Retirement: Evidence from AustraliaSpicer, A; Stavrunova, O; Thorp, S
2021Individualism and Collectivism as predictors of compliance with COVID-19 public health safety expectationsDi Guilmi, C; Castle, C; Stavrunova, O
2018-01-19Premium subsidies and demand for private health insurance: results from a regression discontinuity designKettlewell, N; Stavrunova, O; Yerokhin, O
2011-09-01A smooth mixture of Tobits model for healthcare expenditureKeane, M; Stavrunova, O
2021-12-01Subjective Wellbeing DynamicsJohnston, DW; Stavrunova, O
2014-03-01Tax incentives and the demand for private health insuranceStavrunova, O; Yerokhin, O
2022-04-01The economic impacts of direct natural disaster exposureJohar, M; Johnston, DW; Shields, MA; Siminski, P; Stavrunova, O
2012-01-01Two-part fractional regression model for the demand for risky assetsStavrunova, O; Yerokhin, O
2011-09-01Waiting times for elective surgery and the decision to buy private health insuranceJohar, M; Jones, G; Keane, M; Savage, E; Stavrunova, O