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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09-04Acoustic build-up in on-chip stimulated Brillouin scatteringWolff, C; Steel, MJ; Eggleton, BJ; Poulton, CG
2020-08-01Acoustic diamond resonators with ultra-small mode volumesSchmidt, MK; Poulton, CG; Steel, MJ
2020-08-01ARRAW: Anti-Resonant Reflecting Acoustic Waveguide for efficient Brillouin scatteringSchmidt, MK; O'Briena, MC; Poulton, CG; Steel, MJ
2020-05-01ARRAW: Anti-resonant reflecting acoustic waveguidesSchmidt, MK; O'Brien, MC; Steel, MJ; Poulton, CG
2010-09-01Blazing evanescent grating orders: A spectral approach to beating the Rayleigh limitHandmer, CJ; De Martijn Sterke, C; McPhedran, RC; Botten, LC; Steel, MJ; Rahmani, A
2016-12-16Boundaries of practicability for integrated stimulated Brillouin scattering devicesWolff, C; Steel, MJ; Eggleton, BJ; Poulton, CG
2019-10-01Brillouin integrated photonicsEggleton, BJ; Poulton, CG; Rakich, PT; Steel, MJ; Bahl, G
2016-02-04Brillouin resonance broadening due to structural variations in nanoscale waveguidesWolff, C; Van Laer, R; Steel, MJ; Eggleton, BJ; Poulton, CG
2017-02-01Cascaded forward Brillouin scattering to all Stokes ordersWolff, C; Stiller, B; Eggleton, BJ; Steel, MJ; Poulton, CG
2009-08-17Comparison of the sensitivity of air and dielectric modes in photonic crystal slab sensorsTomljenovic-Hanic, S; Rahmani, A; Steel, MJ; De Martijn Sterke, C
2001-11-01Confinement losses in microstructured optical fibersWhite, TP; McPhedran, RC; De Sterke, CM; Botten, LC; Steel, MJ
2007-08-20Confinement of band-edge modes in a photonic crystal slabBordas, F; Steel, MJ; Seassal, C; Rahmani, A
2012-09-10Design for broadband on-chip isolator using stimulated Brillouin scattering in dispersion-engineered chalcogenide waveguidesPoulton, CG; Pant, R; Byrnes, A; Fan, S; Steel, MJ; Eggleton, BJ
2018-08-08Elastic Purcell EffectSchmidt, MK; Helt, LG; Poulton, CG; Steel, MJ
2013-05-28Emission and nonradiative decay of nanodiamond NV centers in a low refractive index environmentInam, FA; Grogan, MDW; Rollings, M; Gaebel, T; Say, JM; Bradac, C; Birks, TA; Wadsworth, WJ; Castelletto, S; Rabeau, JR; Steel, MJ
2019-08-01Finite Element Analysis of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Integrated Photonic WaveguidesSturmberg, BCP; Dossou, KB; Smith, MJA; Morrison, B; Poulton, CG; Steel, MJ
2011-05-01Folded bands in metamaterial photonic crystalsChen, PY; Poulton, CG; Asatryan, AA; Steel, MJ; Botten, LC; Martijn De Sterke, C; McPhedran, RC
2022-01-01Historical perspective and basic principlesPoulton, CG; Steel, MJ; Wiederhecker, G; Thévenaz, L
2013-01-30Invisibility and supervisibility: Radiation dynamics in a discrete electromagnetic cloakRahmani, A; Steel, MJ; Chaumet, PC
2017-10-02Lasing in ring resonators by stimulated Brillouin scattering in the presence of nonlinear lossMirnaziry, SR; Wolff, C; Steel, MJ; Morrison, B; Eggleton, BJ; Poulton, CG