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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2019Bloody unfair: Inequality related to menstruation – considering the role of discrimination lawGoldblatt, B; Steele, L
13-Aug-2019Creating a dementia enabling university using a Knowledge Translation approach: Innovative practice.Phillipson, L; Fleming, R; Swaffer, K; Steele, L; Sheridan, L; Burns, S; Cappetta, K; Cridland, E
1-Jan-2014Disability at the periphery: legal theory, disability and criminal lawSteele, L; Thomas, S
2-Jan-2018A disability aware approach to torture prevention? Australian OPCAT ratification and improved protections for people with disabilityLea, M; Beaupert, F; Bevan, N; Celermajer, D; Gooding, P; Minty, R; Phillips, E; Spivakovsky, C; Steele, L; Wadiwel, DJ; Weller, PJ
1-Jan-2014Disability, abnormality and criminal law: sterilisation as lawful and ‘good’ violenceSteele, L
1-Jul-2017Disabling forensic mental health detention: The carcerality of the disabled bodySteele, L
2-Apr-2016Gender, Disability Rights and Violence Against Medical BodiesSteele, L; Dowse, L
1-Apr-2020The Human Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities: Sterilization and Other Coercive Responses to MenstruationSteele, L; Goldblatt, B; Bobel, C; Fahs, B; Hasson, K-A; Kissling, E; Roberts, T-A; Winkler, I
2-Apr-2016Medical Bodies: Gender, Justice and MedicineSteele, L; Iribarne, M; Carr, R
4-May-2017Normality and disability: intersections among norms, law, and cultureGoggin, G; Steele, L; Cadwallader, JR
2018Policing Normalcy: Sexual Violence Against Women Offenders with DisabilitySteele, LR; Goggin, G; Steele, L; Cadwallader, JR
4-May-2017Policing normalcy: sexual violence against women offenders with disabilitySteele, L
1-Jan-2015Questioning law’s capacityBeaupert, F; Steele, L
2019Questioning Segregation of People Living with Dementia in Australia: An International Human Rights Approach to Care HomesSteele, L; Swaffer, K; Phillipson, L; Fleming, R
27-Jun-2018Restrictive practice in education settings: Institutional violence, disability and lawSteele, L
3-Jul-2017Temporality, disability and institutional violence: revisiting In re FSteele, L