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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10An Examination of the Association Between Subjective Distress and Functional Connectivity During Discarding Decisions in Hoarding Disorder.Levy, HC; Poppe, A; Hiser, J; Wootton, BM; Hallion, LS; Tolin, DF; Stevens, MC
2022-06-27An Unobtrusive Human Activity Recognition System Using Low Resolution Thermal Sensors, Machine and Deep Learning.Rezaei, M; Stevens, MC; Argha, A; Mascheroni, A; Puiatti, A; Lovell, NH
2019-07-01Efficacy and Mediators of a Group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Hoarding Disorder: A Randomized TrialTolin, DF; Wootton, BM; Levy, HC; Hallion, LS; Worden, BL; Diefenbach, GJ; Jaccard, J; Stevens, MC
2020-01Functional Neuroimaging Test of an Emerging Neurobiological Model of Hoarding Disorder.Stevens, MC; Levy, HC; Hallion, LS; Wootton, BM; Tolin, DF
2018-01-01Hoarding disorder and difficulties in emotion regulationTolin, DF; Levy, HC; Wootton, BM; Hallion, LS; Stevens, MC
2021-01-01Measuring Within-Session and Between-Session Compliance in Hoarding Disorder: A Preliminary Investigation of the Psychometric Properties of the CBT Compliance Measure (CCM) and Patient Exposure/Response Prevention Adherence Scale for Hoarding (PEAS-H).Wootton, BM; Bragdon, LB; Worden, BL; Diefenbach, GJ; Stevens, MC; Tolin, DF
2019-04-01Quality of life in patients with hoarding disorderTolin, DF; Das, A; Hallion, LS; Levy, HC; Wootton, BM; Stevens, MC
2018-07-01Subjective cognitive function in hoarding disorderTolin, DF; Hallion, LS; Wootton, BM; Levy, HC; Billingsley, AL; Das, A; Katz, BW; Stevens, MC