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2013-06-01Complexity of management and health outcomes in a prospective cohort study of 573 heart failure patients in Australia: Does more equal less?Driscoll, A; Tonkin, A; Stewart, A; Worrall-Carter, L; Thompson, DR; Riegel, B; Hare, DL; Davidson, PM; Mulvany, C; Stewart, S
2018-01-01Development of an electronic health message system to support recovery after stroke: Inspiring virtual enabled resources following vascular events (iVERVE)Cadilhac, DA; Busingye, D; Li, JC; Andrew, NE; Kilkenny, MF; Thrift, AG; Thijs, V; Hackett, ML; Kneebone, I; Lannin, NA; Stewart, A; Dempsey, I; Cameron, J
2011-11-01Development of an evidence-based scoring system (HF-IS) to assess the quality of heart failure programmes for patients postdischarge from hospitalDriscoll, A; Tonkin, A; Stewart, A; Thompson, DR; Worrall-Carter, L; Riegel, B; Hare, DL; Davidson, PM; Stewart, S
2019Digital Platform Work in Australia: Preliminary findings from a national surveyMcDonald, P; Williams, P; Stewart, A; Oliver, D; Mayes, R
2016-07-01Fractionation of graphene oxide single nano-sheets in water-glycerol solutions using gradient centrifugationBidram, E; Sulistio, A; Amini, A; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG; Stewart, A; Dunstan, DE
2016-03-02A large light-mass component of cosmic rays at 10<sup>17</sup>-10<sup>17.5</sup> electronvolts from radio observationsBuitink, S; Corstanje, A; Falcke, H; Hörandel, JR; Huege, T; Nelles, A; Rachen, JP; Rossetto, L; Schellart, P; Scholten, O; Ter Veen, S; Thoudam, S; Trinh, TNG; Anderson, J; Asgekar, A; Avruch, IM; Bell, ME; Bentum, MJ; Bernardi, G; Best, P; Bonafede, A; Breitling, F; Broderick, JW; Brouw, WN; Brüggen, M; Butcher, HR; Carbone, D; Ciardi, B; Conway, JE; De Gasperin, F; De Geus, E; Deller, A; Dettmar, RJ; Van Diepen, G; Duscha, S; Eislöffel, J; Engels, D; Enriquez, JE; Fallows, RA; Fender, R; Ferrari, C; Frieswijk, W; Garrett, MA; Grießmeier, JM; Gunst, AW; Van Haarlem, MP; Hassall, TE; Heald, G; Hessels, JWT; Hoeft, M; Horneffer, A; Iacobelli, M; Intema, H; Juette, E; Karastergiou, A; Kondratiev, VI; Kramer, M; Kuniyoshi, M; Kuper, G; Van Leeuwen, J; Loose, GM; Maat, P; Mann, G; Markoff, S; McFadden, R; McKay-Bukowski, D; McKean, JP; Mevius, M; Mulcahy, DD; Munk, H; Norden, MJ; Orru, E; Paas, H; Pandey-Pommier, M; Pandey, VN; Pietka, M; Pizzo, R; Polatidis, AG; Reich, W; Röttgering, HJA; Scaife, AMM; Schwarz, DJ; Serylak, M; Sluman, J; Smirnov, O; Stappers, BW; Steinmetz, M; Stewart, A; Swinbank, J; Tagger, M; Tang, Y; Tasse, C; Toribio, MC; Vermeulen, R; Vocks, C; Vogt, C; Van Weeren, RJ; Wijers, RAMJ; Wijnholds, SJ; Wise, MW
2017-01-15An official American thoracic society research statement: Current challenges facing research and therapeutic advances in airway remodelingPrakash, YS; Halayko, AJ; Gosens, R; Panettieri, RA; Camoretti-Mercado, B; Penn, RB; Aiyar, R; Ammit, A; Berkman, N; Bond, R; Brown, R; Boulet, L; Burgess, J; Chung, KF; Debley, J; Deshpande, D; Freemer, M; Glass, M; Haczku, A; Holgate, S; Irvin, C; Jacoby, D; Johnson, J; Meurs, H; Murphy, T; Murthy, M; Noel, P; O'Byrne, P; Pabelick, C; Pera, T; Poynter, M; Robinson, G; Saglani, S; Solway, J; Stewart, A; Tliba, O; Togias, A; Woodruff, P
2004-01-01A pilot study of wound healing following surgical excision of pilonidal sinusStewart, A; Melbourne, G; Donoghue, J; Mitten-Lewis, S; Rogan, F; Wyllie, A; Doolan, K
2023-09-26Research from low-income and middle-income countries will benefit global health and the physiotherapy profession, but it requires support.Sharma, S; Verhagen, A; Elkins, M; Brismée, J-M; Fulk, GD; Taradaj, J; Steen, L; Jette, A; Moore, A; Stewart, A; Hoogenboom, BJ; Söderlund, A; Harms, M; Pinto, RZ
2013Resolving Disputes over Employment rights in AustraliaRiley, J; McCallum, R; Stewart, A
2021-02-28Submission to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee Inquiry in the Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia's Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020Munton, J; Stewart, A; McCrystal, S; Hardy, T; Orifici, A
2021-12-31The (Omni)bus that Broke Down: Changes to Casual Employment and the Remnants of the Coalition's Industrial Relations AgendaMunton, J; Stewart, A; McCrystal, S; Hardy, T; Orifici, A
2020-01-01The Rapid ASKAP Continuum Survey I: Design and first resultsMcConnell, D; Hale, CL; Lenc, E; Banfield, JK; Heald, G; Hotan, AW; Leung, JK; Moss, VA; Murphy, T; O'Brien, A; Pritchard, J; Raja, W; Sadler, EM; Stewart, A; Thomson, AJM; Whiting, M; Allison, JR; Amy, SW; Anderson, C; Ball, L; Bannister, KW; Bell, M; Bock, DCJ; Bolton, R; Bunton, JD; Chippendale, AP; Collier, JD; Cooray, FR; Cornwell, TJ; Diamond, PJ; Edwards, PG; Gupta, N; Hayman, DB; Heywood, I; Jackson, CA; Koribalski, BS; Lee-Waddell, K; McClure-Griffiths, NM; Ng, A; Norris, RP; Phillips, C; Reynolds, JE; Roxby, DN; Schinckel, AET; Shields, M; Tremblay, C; Tzioumis, A; Voronkov, MA; Westmeier, T
2021-01-01The use of visceral techniques in Australian osteopathic practice: A descriptive cross-sectional studyFleischmann, M; Vaughan, B; Grace, S; Stewart, A; Hart, C; Brew, E; Masters, G; Smeeton, L; Thompson, L; Brooks, M