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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-07A critical care pandemic staffing framework in Australia.Marshall, AP; Austin, DE; Chamberlain, D; Chapple, L-AS; Cree, M; Fetterplace, K; Foster, M; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Fyfe, R; Grealy, BA; Hodak, A; Holley, A; Kruger, P; Kucharski, G; Pollock, W; Ridley, E; Stewart, P; Thomas, P; Torresi, K; Williams, L
2020-06Australian civil litigation reform in response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse .Stewart, P; Silink, A
2019-01-02Can targeted job-information for adults with spinal cord dysfunction be effectively delivered online? A pilot studyDorstyn, D; Roberts, R; Murphy, G; Kneebone, I; Craig, A; Chur-Hansen, A; Migliorini, C; Potter, E; Marshall, R; Clark, J; Neeson, S; Stewart, P
2017-01-17The 'Child' In Utero and Ex UteroStuhmcke, AG; Stewart, P; young, L; Kenny, M; Monahan, G
2016-12Drone danger: Remedies for damage by civilian remotely piloted aircraft to persons or property on the ground in AustraliaStewart, P
2021-05-26Facilitators and barriers to employment for persons with chronic spinal cord injury or disorder: A qualitative study framed by the person-environment-occupation model.Dorstyn, DS; Chur-Hansen, A; Mansell, E; Murphy, G; Roberts, RM; Stewart, P; Potter, E; Kneebone, I; Craig, A
2014-12-15High Court Negligence Cases 2000–10Stuhmcke, AG; Stewart, P; Loughnan, A
-Judicial analytics and Australian courts: A call for national ethical guidelinesStewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
2014-01-01Lacunae and litigants: A study of negligence cases in the high court of Australia in the first decade of the 21<sup>st</sup>century and beyondStewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
2007-01-01Legal pragmatism and the pre-birth continuum: an absence of unifying principle.Stewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
2019-04Litigants and Legal Representatives: A Study of Special Leave Applications in the High Court of Australia.Stewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
2006Not to be too pedantic ... but what exactly is a dangerous recreational activity?Thorpe, D; Stewart, P
-Open Justice, Efficient Justice and the Rule of Law: The Increasing Invisibility of Special Leave to Appeal Applications in the High Court of AustraliaStewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
2010-06-01The requirement that lawyers certify reasonable prospects of success: Must 21st century lawyers boldly go where no lawyer has gone before?Stewart, P; Evers, M
2006-01-01Roads and traffic authority of new south Wales v dederer: Negligence and the exuberance of youthStewart, P; Monahan, G