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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Accounting & audit quality surveillance: a working solution for regulators & exchangesLai, C; Stokes, D; Taylor, SL; Skeete, H
2003-09-01The association between audit quality, accounting disclosures and firm-specific risk: Evidence from initial public offeringsLee, P; Stokes, D; Taylor, S; Walter, T
2009-01Audit quality, earnings quality and the cost of equity capitalLi, Y; Stokes, D; Taylor, SL; Wong, L; Faff, R
2002-01-01Brand Name Audit Pricing, Industry Specialization, and Leadership Premiums post-Big 8 and Big 6 MergersFerguson, A; Stokes, D
2001-01Capitalisation and Intangibles: a Review of Current Practice and the Regulatory FrameworkWyatt, A; Matolcsy, ZP; Stokes, D
2004-01-01Do independent directors add value?Matolcsy, Z; Stokes, D; Wright, A
2007-01-01Incorporating prior domain knowledge into a kernel based feature selection algorithmYu, T; Simoff, SJ; Stokes, D; Zhou, ZH; Li, H; Yang, Q
2008-01Is the audit services market competitive following Arthur Andersen's collapse?Hamilton, J; Li, Y; Stokes, D
2002-01-01A review of the proposals for reform of independence of Australian company auditorsCulvenor, J; Stokes, D; Taylor, S
2004-01Understanding the options in strategic decisions and investment.Stewart, R; Studley, JJ; Stokes, D; Vassallo, PB; Wells, PA
2002Valuing intangible assets provides new challengesMatolcsy, Z; Stokes, D; Wells, P
2002-01Valuing intangible assets provides new challengesMatolcsy, ZP; Stokes, D; Wells, PA