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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Controlled Synthesis of TiO<inf>2</inf> Nanostructures: Exceptional Hydrogen Production in Alcohol-Water Mixtures over Cu(OH)<inf>2</inf>–Ni(OH)<inf>2</inf>/TiO<inf>2</inf> NanorodsMajeed, I; Nadeem, MA; Kanodarwala, FK; Hussain, E; Badshah, A; Hussain, I; Stride, JA
2014-01-01Deposition of CdSe quantum dots on graphene sheetsKanodarwala, FK; Wang, F; Reece, PJ; Stride, JA
2016-07-01Hydrothermal synthesis of highly luminescent blue-emitting ZnSe(S) quantum dots exhibiting low toxicityMirnajafizadeh, F; Ramsey, D; McAlpine, S; Wang, F; Reece, P; Stride, JA
2019-03-01Nanoparticles for bioapplications: Study of the cytotoxicity of water dispersible CdSe(S) and CdSe(S)/ZnO quantum dotsMirnajafizadeh, F; Ramsey, D; McAlpine, S; Wang, F; Stride, JA
2018-01-01Pd-Ag decorated g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf> as an efficient photocatalyst for hydrogen production from water under direct solar light irradiationMajeed, I; Manzoor, U; Kanodarwala, FK; Nadeem, MA; Hussain, E; Ali, H; Badshah, A; Stride, JA
2015-02-15Phase transformations in CdSe quantum dots induced by reaction timeKanodarwala, FK; Wang, F; Reece, PJ; Stride, JA
2017-12-01Porous Carbon/rGO Composite: An Ideal Support Material of Highly Efficient Palladium Electrocatalysts for the Formic Acid Oxidation ReactionAli, H; Zaman, S; Majeed, I; Kanodarwala, FK; Nadeem, MA; Stride, JA
2009-12-21Raman and neutron scattering study of partially deuterated l-alanine: Evidence of a solid-solid phase transitionDe Souza, JM; Freire, PTC; Argyriou, DN; Stride, JA; Barthès, M; Kalceff, W; Bordallo, HN
2016-06-01Synthesis of type-II CdSe(S)/Fe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> core/shell quantum dots: the effect of shell on the properties of core/shell quantum dotsMirnajafizadeh, F; Wang, F; Reece, P; Stride, JA
2017-01-01Titania supported MOF-199 derived Cu-Cu<inf>2</inf>O nanoparticles: Highly efficient non-noble metal photocatalysts for hydrogen production from alcohol-water mixturesMajeed, I; Nadeem, MA; Badshah, A; Kanodarwala, FK; Ali, H; Khan, MA; Stride, JA