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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06-01Adaptation of international guidelines on assessment and management of cancer pain for the Australian contextLovell, M; Luckett, T; Boyle, F; Stubbs, J; Phillips, J; Davidson, PM; Olver, I; von Dincklage, J; Agar, M
2013-08-01Assessment and management of adult cancer pain: A systematic review and synthesis of recent qualitative studies aimed at developing insights for managing barriers and optimizing facilitators within a comprehensive framework of patient careLuckett, T; Davidson, PM; Green, A; Boyle, F; Stubbs, J; Lovell, M
2017-06-19Australian perspectives on domestic violenceStubbs, J; Wangmann, J
2015-07-01Competing Conceptions of Victims of Domestic Violence within Legal ProcessesStubbs, J; Wangmann, JM; Wilson, D; Ross, S
2019-01-01Development of a cancer pain self-management resource to address patient, provider, and health system barriers to careLuckett, T; Davidson, PM; Green, A; Marie, N; Birch, MR; Stubbs, J; Phillips, J; Agar, M; Boyle, F; Lovell, M
2003Domestic Violence and Child Contact ArrangementsKaye, M; Stubbs, J; Tolmie, J
2003Domestic Violence, Separation and Parenting: Negotiating Safety Using Legal ProcessesKaye, M; Stubbs, J; Tolmie, J
-Exploring gender differences in domestic violence reported to the NSW Police ForceWangmann, J; Laing, L; Stubbs, J
2016Justice Reinvestment as Social JusticeBrown, D; Cunneen, C; Schwartz, M; Stubbs, J; Young, C
2016Justice Reinvestment: Winding Back ImprisonmentBrown, D; Cunneen, C; Schwartz, M; Stubbs, J; Young, C
2013-11-01The prevalence and correlates of supportive care needs in testicular cancer survivors: A cross-sectional studySmith, A; King, M; Butow, P; Luckett, T; Grimison, P; Toner, GC; Stockler, M; Hovey, E; Stubbs, J; Hruby, G; Gurney, H; Turner, S; Alam, M; Cox, K; Olver, I
2016-04-01The prevalence, severity, and correlates of psychological distress and impaired health-related quality of life following treatment for testicular cancer: a survivorship studySmith, AB; Butow, P; Olver, I; Luckett, T; Grimison, P; Toner, GC; Stockler, MR; Hovey, E; Stubbs, J; Turner, S; Hruby, G; Gurney, H; Alam, M; Cox, K; King, MT
2016Reconsidering the Relationship Between Indigenous People and ViolenceCunneen, C; Rowe, S; Stubbs, J; Tomsen, S
2023-08-01Rethinking community sanctions: Social justice and penal controlStubbs, J; Russell, S; Baldry, E; Brown, D; Cunneen, C; Schwartz, M