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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01-01Access to infertility treatments and single women: what is the state of play?Stuhmcke, A
-Assisted reproductive technologies, the Internet and information seeking: a case study of Australian women using peer online forums to seek donor eggs across bordersStuhmcke, A; Millbank, J; Karpin, I
2008-09-01Changing relations between government and citizen: Administrative law and the work of the Australian Commonwealth Ombudsman: Research and evaluationStuhmcke, A
2017-01-01The Child in utero and ex uteroStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, A; Young, L; Kenny, MA; Monahan, G
2007The Commonwealth Ombudsman: An Integrity Branch of GovernmentStuhmcke, A; Tran, A
2017-01-01Complementary health practitioners disciplined for misconduct in Australia 2010-2016Millbank, J; Kaye, M; Stuhmcke, A; Sibbritt, D; Karpin, I; Wardle, J
2011The criminal act of commercial surrogacy in Australia: A call for reviewStuhmcke, A
2011-03-01The criminal act of commercial surrogacy in Australia: a call for review.Stuhmcke, A
2022-08-05Digital Platform Complaint Handling: Options for an External Dispute Resolution SchemeWilding, D; Raiche, H; Lee, K; Stuhmcke, A
2017-01-01Embryo donation and understanding of kinship: The impact of law and policyMillbank, J; Stuhmcke, A; Karpin, I
2013-01-01Embryo donation for reproductive use in AustraliaMillbank, J; Chandler, E; Karpin, I; Stuhmcke, A
2012-12-01The evolution of the classical ombudsman: A view from the antipodesStuhmcke, A
2015-01-01Extra–territoriality and surrogacy: The problem of state and territory moral sovereigntyStuhmcke, A
2016-08-01The failure of contemporary law and regulation to keep pace with growing complementary medicine (CM) use: The significance of examining ‘hidden’ gaps in Australia's current regulatory and legislative infrastructureSibbritt, D; Millbank, J; Stuhmcke, A; Kaye, M; Karpin, I; Wardle, J
2022-06-14Government Watchdog Agencies and Administrative JusticeStuhmcke, A; Hertogh, M; Kirkham, R; Thomas, R; Tomlinson, J
2018-04-01How are complementary health professions regulated in Australia? An examination of complementary health professions in the national registration and accreditation schemeSibbritt, D; Kaye, M; Millbank, J; Stuhmcke, A; Wardle, J; Karpin, I
2016-10-02The illusory dichotomy of plagiarismStuhmcke, A; Booth, T; Wangmann, J
-Judicial analytics and Australian courts: A call for national ethical guidelinesStewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
2014-01-01Lacunae and litigants: A study of negligence cases in the high court of Australia in the first decade of the 21<sup>st</sup>century and beyondStewart, P; Stuhmcke, A
2017-01-01Learning from cross-border reproductionJackson, E; Millbank, J; Karpin, I; Stuhmcke, A