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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-01A Fast and Robust Open-Switch Fault Diagnosis Method for Variable-Speed PMSM SystemZhou, X; Sun, J; Cui, P; Lu, Y; Lu, M; Yu, Y
2017-02-02A systematic review of geographical differences in management and outcomes for colorectal cancer in Australia.Ireland, MJ; March, S; Crawford-Williams, F; Cassimatis, M; Aitken, JF; Hyde, MK; Chambers, SK; Sun, J; Dunn, J
2010-09-24Acute, multiple-dose dermal and genetic toxicity of Nu-3: A novel antimicrobial agentSun, LQ; Sun, J; Hu, Y; Cao, S; Zhang, G; Wang, M
2019-05-01Adaptive semi-supervised feature selection for cross-modal retrievalYu, E; Sun, J; Li, J; Chang, X; Han, XH; Hauptmann, AG
2016-06-07Assessment of Heterotrophic Growth Supported by Soluble Microbial Products in Anammox Biofilm using Multidimensional Modeling.Liu, Y; Sun, J; Peng, L; Wang, D; Dai, X; Ni, B-J
2022Association Between Nocturnal Sleep Duration and Obesity Indicators Among People with Type 2 Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Study in Ningbo, China.Xu, M; Chattopadhyay, K; Qian, X; Li, J; Li, X; Sun, J; Li, L
2018-05-01Automatic Chinese Postal Address Block Location Using Proximity Descriptors and Cooperative Profit Random ForestsDong, X; Dong, J; Zhou, H; Sun, J; Tao, D
2019-01-01Basic psychological needs satisfaction and frustration, stress, and sports injury among university athletes: A four-wave prospective surveyLi, C; Ivarsson, A; Lam, LT; Sun, J
2008-10-01Bayesian tensor approach for 3-D face modelingTao, D; Song, M; Li, X; Shen, J; Sun, J; Wu, X; Faloutsos, C; Maybank, SJ
2006-10-16Beyond streams and graphs: Dynamic tensor analysisSun, J; Tao, D; Faloutsos, C
2017-01-01A biofilm model for assessing perchlorate reduction in a methane-based membrane biofilm reactorSun, J; Dai, X; Peng, L; Liu, Y; Wang, Q; Ni, BJ
2021-02-02Biological Reduction of Nitric Oxide for Efficient Recovery of Nitrous Oxide as an Energy Source.Wang, L-K; Chen, X; Wei, W; Xu, Q; Sun, J; Mannina, G; Song, L; Ni, B-J
2022-10-29Cluster Synchronization of Multiple Fractional-Order Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays.Liu, P; Xu, M; Sun, J; Wen, S
2018-05-01Combined zero valent iron and hydrogen peroxide conditioning significantly enhances the dewaterability of anaerobic digestateWang, Q; Sun, J; Song, K; Zhou, X; Wei, W; Wang, D; Xie, GJ; Gong, Y; Zhou, B
2019-03-01Competitive adsorption of heavy metals in aqueous solution onto biochar derived from anaerobically digested sludgeNi, BJ; Huang, QS; Wang, C; Ni, TY; Sun, J; Wei, W
2018-01-01CoupledCF: Learning explicit and implicit user-item couplings in recommendation for deep collaborative filteringZhang, Q; Cao, L; Zhu, C; Li, Z; Sun, J
2019-07-01Cross-modal transfer hashing based on coherent projectionYu, E; Sun, J; Wang, L; Chang, X; Zhang, H; Hauptmann, AG
2022-05-14Deep Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing with Multiple SupervisionYu, E; Ma, J; Sun, J; Chang, X; Zhang, H; Hauptmann, AG
2019-04-01Deep Learning from Noisy Image Labels with Quality EmbeddingYao, J; Wang, J; Tsang, IW; Zhang, Y; Sun, J; Zhang, C; Zhang, R
2015-02-01Degradation of methanethiol in anaerobic sewers and its correlation with methanogenic activities.Sun, J; Hu, S; Sharma, KR; Ni, B-J; Yuan, Z