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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-01Clique Identification in Signed Graphs: A Balance Theory Based ModelSun, R; Wu, Y; Wang, X; Chen, C; Zhang, W; Lin, X
2020-01-01Discovering cliques in signed networks based on balance theorySun, R; Zhu, Q; Chen, C; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, X
2022Efficacy of local therapy to metastatic foci in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: large-cohort strictly-matched retrospective study.Zhang, M-X; Liu, T; You, R; Zou, X; Liu, Y-L; Ding, X; Duan, C-Y; Xu, H-S; Liu, Y-P; Jiang, R; Wang, Z-Q; Lin, C; Xie, Y-L; Chen, S-Y; Ouyang, Y-F; Xie, R-Q; Hua, Y-J; Sun, R; Huang, P-Y; Wang, S-L; Chen, M-Y
2024-03-01Efficient Balanced Signed Biclique Search in Signed Bipartite GraphsSun, R; Wu, Y; Wang, X; Chen, C; Zhang, W; Lin, X
2023-01-01Efficient Maximum Signed Biclique IdentificationSun, R; Chen, C; Wang, X; Zhang, W; Zhang, Y; Lin, X
2022-10-17Efficiently Answering Minimum Reachable Label Set Queries in Edge-Labeled GraphsWu, Y; Sun, R; Chen, C; Wang, X; Fu, X
2018-03-15GIST: A generative model with individual and subgroup-based topics for group recommendationJi, K; Chen, Z; Sun, R; Ma, K; Yuan, Z; Xu, G
2018-01Improved thermostability and enzyme activity of a recombinant phyA mutant phytase from Aspergillus niger N25 by directed evolution and site-directed mutagenesis.Tang, Z; Jin, W; Sun, R; Liao, Y; Zhen, T; Chen, H; Wu, Q; Gou, L; Li, C
2020-11-01Influence of phosphorus fertilization patterns on the bacterial community in upland farmlandCheng, H; Yuan, M; Duan, Q; Sun, R; Shen, Y; Yu, Q; Li, S
2016-06-01The influences of drought and land-cover conversion on inter-annual variation of NPP in the Three-North Shelterbelt Program zone of China based on MODIS dataPeng, D; Wu, C; Zhang, B; Huete, A; Zhang, X; Sun, R; Lei, L; Huang, W; Liu, L; Liu, X; Li, J; Luo, S; Fang, B
2016-01-01Mapping irrigated and rainfed wheat areas using multi-temporal satellite dataJin, N; Tao, B; Ren, W; Feng, M; Sun, R; He, L; Zhuang, W; Yu, Q
2022-11-23Porcine Circovirus 2 Activates the PERK-Reactive Oxygen Species Axis To Induce p53 Phosphorylation with Subsequent Cell Cycle Arrest at S Phase in Favor of Its Replication.Deng, Z; Sun, R; Han, X; Zhang, Y; Zhou, Y; Shan, Y; Xu, J; Li, X; He, F; Fang, W
2021-01-01Stable Community Detection in Signed Social NetworksSun, R; Chen, C; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, X
2018-06-01Testing for gene–environment interaction under exposure misspecificationSun, R; Carroll, RJ; Christiani, DC; Lin, X