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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11-01Amateur photography as self-ethnography: China's rural migrant workers and the question of digital-political literacySun, W
2010-12-01Analysis of surface roughness transformation of oxide scale during hot steel manufacturingJiang, Z; Tang, J; Tieu, AK; Sun, W; Wei, D
2010-08-01Analysis of tribological feature of the oxide scale in hot strip rollingJiang, ZY; Tang, J; Sun, W; Tieu, AK; Wei, D
2022-06-07Bearing Witness to History: Dagong Poets from the 1980s to the PresentSun, W
2017-07-19Bimetal-Organic-Framework Derivation of Ball-Cactus-Like Ni-Sn-P@C-CNT as Long-Cycle Anode for Lithium Ion BatteryDai, R; Sun, W; Lv, LP; Wu, M; Liu, H; Wang, G; Wang, Y
2018-02-08Boosting lithium storage in covalent organic framework via activation of 14-electron redox chemistryLei, Z; Yang, Q; Xu, Y; Guo, S; Sun, W; Liu, H; Lv, L-P; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y
2017-09-30Bridal photos and diamond rings: the inequality of romantic consumption in ChinaSun, W
2017-12-01Bridal photos and diamond rings: the inequality of romantic consumption in ChinaSun, W
2016-01-02By accident or by design? A Chinese dating show and soft powerSun, W
2016-01-01Changes in stream flow and their relationships with climatic variations and anthropogenic activities in the Poyang Lake Basin, ChinaGu, C; Mu, X; Zhao, G; Gao, P; Sun, W; Yu, Q
2019-04China Matters Explores: We Chat?Sun, W
2013-02-11China's rise and (trans)national connections: The global diasporic Chinese mediasphereSun, W
2019-03-15China’s vessel on the voyage of globalization: The soft power agenda and diasporic media responsesSun, W
2021-01-22Chinese Diaspora and Social Media: Negotiating Transnational SpaceSun, W; NUSSBAUM, JON
2001-01A Chinese in the New World: Television Dramas, Global Cities, and Travels to ModernitySun, W
2021-06-28Chinese-language digital news media in Australia: New narratives of hybrid identitiesSun, W
2022-01-01Chinese-Language Digital-Social Media in AustraliaSun, W; Kennedy, L
2019-11-01Chinese-language digital/social media in Australia: double-edged sword in Australia’s public diplomacy agendaSun, W
2016Chinese-language Media in Australia: Developments, Challenges and OpportunitiesSun, W
2011-02-01The Chinese-language press in Australia: A preliminary scoping StudySun, W; Gao, J; Yue, A; Sinclair, J