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1-May-2005Activated protein C prevents inflammation yet stimulates angiogenesis to promote cutaneous wound healingDavey, RA; Whitmont, K; Smith, S; Buisson-Legendre, N; Sztynda, T; Furphy, LJ; Cooper, A; Sambrook, P; March, L
1-Oct-2008Bolus or weekly zoledronic acid administration does not delay endochondral fracture repair but weekly dosing enhances delays in hard callus remodelingSztynda, T; Little, DG
11-Jun-2013Heart rate variability, blood pressure and cognitive function: Assessing age effectsGiblin, L; De Leon, L; Smith, L; Sztynda, T; Lal, S
1-Jan-2016Loss of BAP1 Expression Is Very Rare in Pancreatic Ductal AdenocarcinomaTayao, M; Andrici, J; Farzin, M; Clarkson, A; Sioson, L; Watson, N; Chua, TC; Sztynda, T; Samra, JS; Gill, AJ
Jan-2008Optical Flow Image Analysis of Facial Expressions of Human Emotion - Forensic ApplicationsDuthoit, CJ; Sztynda, T; Lal, S; Jap, B; Agbinya, JI; NA
27-Feb-2018Spontaneous facial expression analysis using optical flowSidavong, L; Lal, S; Sztynda, T
2004A study of p53 expression in thermal burns of human skin for determination of wound ageTarran, S; Dziewulski, P; Sztynda, T; Langlois, N
2006Using the inflammatory cell infiltrate to estimate the age of human burn wounds A review and immunohistochemical studyTarran, S; Langlois, N; Dziewulski, P; Sztynda, T
1-Jan-2006Using the inflammatory cell infiltrate to estimate the age of human burn wounds: A review and immunohistochemical studyDziewulski, P; Sztynda, T