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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-03Evaluation of an ensemble-based distance statistic for clustering MLST datasets using epidemiologically defined clusters of cyclosporiasis.Nascimento, FS; Barratt, J; Houghton, K; Plucinski, M; Kelley, J; Casillas, S; Bennett, CC; Snider, C; Tuladhar, R; Zhang, J; Clemons, B; Madison-Antenucci, S; Russell, A; Cebelinski, E; Haan, J; Robinson, T; Arrowood, MJ; Talundzic, E; Bradbury, RS; Qvarnstrom, Y
2019-09Genotyping genetically heterogeneous Cyclospora cayetanensis infections to complement epidemiological case linkage.Barratt, JLN; Park, S; Nascimento, FS; Hofstetter, J; Plucinski, M; Casillas, S; Bradbury, RS; Arrowood, MJ; Qvarnstrom, Y; Talundzic, E
2019-01-01A global genotyping survey of Strongyloides stercoralis and Strongyloides fuelleborni using deep amplicon sequencingBarratt, JLN; Lane, M; Talundzic, E; Richins, T; Robertson, G; Formenti, F; Pritt, B; Verocai, G; De Souza, JN; Soares, NM; Traub, R; Buonfrate, D; Bradbury, RS
2020-11Malaria Risk and Prevention in Asian Migrants to Angola.Martins, JF; Marques, C; Nieto-Andrade, B; Kelley, J; Patel, D; Nace, D; Herman, C; Barratt, J; Ponce de León, G; Talundzic, E; Rogier, E; Halsey, ES; Plucinski, MM
2019-07-01Mitochondrial junction region as genotyping marker for cyclospora cayetanensisNascimento, FS; Barta, JR; Whale, J; Hofstetter, JN; Casillas, S; Barratt, J; Talundzic, E; Arrowood, MJ; Qvarnstrom, Y
2018-09-17Restriction enzyme digestion of host DNA enhances universal detection of parasitic pathogens in blood via targeted amplicon deep sequencing.Flaherty, BR; Talundzic, E; Barratt, J; Kines, KJ; Olsen, C; Lane, M; Sheth, M; Bradbury, RS
2021-01-02Sensitive universal detection of blood parasites by selective pathogen-DNA enrichment and deep amplicon sequencing.Flaherty, BR; Barratt, J; Lane, M; Talundzic, E; Bradbury, RS
2023-12Simultaneous targeted amplicon deep sequencing and library preparation for a time and cost-effective universal parasite diagnostic sequencing approach.Gondard, M; Lane, M; Barratt, J; Talundzic, E; Qvarnstrom, Y